Little League Kids Score 10 Runs In Bottom Of Sixth To Tie Championship Game, ABC Local Affiliates Switch To Preseason Football

The little tykes from California playing in the Little League World Series (U.S. Championship final) scored 10 runs in their last licks to tie the game. This is the home run that sealed the comeback. Unfortunately, Tennessee put up nine more runs in the top of the seventh and won 24-16, so it was all for naught.

Michael Vick Just Did The One Thing You Never, Ever Want To Do In A Preseason Game (UPDATE)

Don't get injured. For any NFL player reasonably assured of a starting job, the last thing anyone ever wants to do in the preseason is get injured. That's why Eagles fans, in lieu of any more reliable information at the moment, are collectively holding their breaths after seeing Michael Vick slam his left thumb…