Vince Young Would Like You To Know That It's All The Media's Fault

Vince Young wanted to get a few things off his chest on Wednesday; first and foremost that all the controversy surrounding him — specifically his famous meltdown during Week 1 — was largely a creation of the media. Oh, and also that he's a humble guy. No, make that, a great, great humble guy.
“I feel like they’re… » 10/16/08 1:00pm 10/16/08 1:00pm

Todd Collins and the Early NFL Action

The Flying Mottram Brothers over at Mister Irrelevant posted a rather odd Todd Collins tribute video they found on the U-tubes and it just happened to include a picture of the rookie card you see pictured. I mention this not for any particular reason, I just remember coming across this card many years ago. Even as an… » 12/09/07 2:51pm 12/09/07 2:51pm

Peyton Apologists Scramble to Prepare For Monday

It's always a bit difficult for a quarterback to lose a favorite receiver and a couple of offensive linemen, but Peyton is making it look torturous. Even with Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark Peyton has gone 12-26 for 104 yards and an interception. If they can't find a way to put up some more points they could wind up… » 11/18/07 3:51pm 11/18/07 3:51pm