Concerned Citizen Doesn't Want Redskins Training Camp In His Town Because The NFL "Has Murderers, Rapists, Wife And Girlfriend Beaters, Drunkards, Drug Takers, And Child Molesters"

The Redskins are nearing a deal to move their training camp from Ashburn, Va., to Richmond, and not all of Richmond's citizens are thrilled. There are the typical objections—environmental impact, cost, the fact that a non-profit with ties to the Catholic Church would own the facilities—and then there's this guy. »11/14/12 6:05pm11/14/12 6:05pm

Help Us Get The Wireless Network Passwords For Every NFL Training Camp

Above is a screengrab of Antrel Rolle's interview with ESPN New York, in which the facility's wireless password is carelessly taped to the wall. It's 2011NYGTC. Very creative. Who knows what kind of mischief one could get up to with this kind of information: gaining access to Tom Coughlin's bank account? Or even… »8/18/11 1:05pm8/18/11 1:05pm