NFL Update 2: A Game Colder Than Your Obese Sister-In-Law

Dallas (8-4) at Pittsburgh (9-3). Wind chill this morning was at 7 degrees, which means Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will come out wearing Bermuda shorts and a tank top. Wade Phillips will enjoy one of the few benefits of "natural insulation" today. I don't understand how, at 8-4, everyone is counting Dallas out of the… »12/07/08 3:55pm12/07/08 3:55pm

Someone Get Cutler A Crossing Guard Vest and Tourist Map, Stat!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Rich Gannon said that Jay Cutler has never been to New York before today. Really? A millionaire, star NFL quarterback, and he's never been to New York? Seems odd, but I looked back at the Broncos' schedule, and they haven't visited the Giants or Jets since Cutler's been on the… »11/30/08 7:00pm11/30/08 7:00pm

Blame the Wildcat: Favre Is a Wide Receiver and Fisher Is Skydiving...And McNabb Is Benched

Brett Favre learned everything he knows about playing wide receiver from an instructional book written in an obsolete vernacular. And for some reason Jeff Fisher decided to make his arrival at Friday's practice via parachute. Both teams have added field goals since we last checked in, making the score 13-3 in favor of… »11/23/08 3:00pm11/23/08 3:00pm