Your NFL Conference Championship Viewing Guide

This is the last week of multiple football games. What an incredible bummer. In a few weeks it will all be over and it will just be, ugh, February. Terrible. But anyway, let's enjoy the final real weekend of the year and worry about February in February. » 1/20/13 2:56pm 1/20/13 2:56pm

Next Week Will Be Great, Though: Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

Welp. This is it. The last week of the regular season. It seems like only a year ago we were lamenting the end of the 2011 regular season. The more things change, the more Rex Ryan keeps on crying and saying weird things like "mad as a hornet" and "no way in heck." » 12/30/12 1:00pm 12/30/12 1:00pm

Christmas Came Early: Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

We've got a busy start to the day in NFL-land where every game is a gift, with varying degrees of usefulness and did-I-even-ask-for-this-piece-of-junk?-ness. » 12/23/12 1:01pm 12/23/12 1:01pm

Welcome To Canada: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

So, we're all going to be watching Pittsburgh and Dallas, but there are actually four other games—including one in Canada—kicking off shortly! Let's discuss. » 12/16/12 4:18pm 12/16/12 4:18pm

It's Almost Over: Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

The season continues its slow spiral down. Only three Sundays remain of the regular season. This is one of them and it's already here, so really there's only two. And the last week is kind of bullshit anyway with teams sitting guys. So, if you want to get technical-season's over. » 12/16/12 1:10pm 12/16/12 1:10pm

Eli Swears He Has No Idea How He Got Those Beads: Your NFL Late Games…

We've got three games for you this evening, including American Hero John Skelton's stirring return to the starting lineup. » 12/09/12 4:22pm 12/09/12 4:22pm

Jim Nantz Should Be Calling This The Battle Of The Beltway: Your NFL…

Week 14 continues and we've got some great games with playoff implications and plenty of teams just struggling to remain "in the hunt." Let's take a tour around the early afternoon schedule, shall we? » 12/09/12 1:04pm 12/09/12 1:04pm

Charlie Batch Takes Athlete-Speak To New And Dizzying Levels: Your NFL…

The beat goes on and we've got four more games to go before Philly and Dallas finish off the night. Let's get to it. » 12/02/12 4:22pm 12/02/12 4:22pm

Colin Kaepernick Is A Psychic: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

Before we get Giants-Packers tonight, we have three more on the undercard, including the second step in the Colin Kaepernick era. » 11/25/12 4:10pm 11/25/12 4:10pm

Jay Cutler Returns: Your NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

Week 12 continues right now for those of you still holding on to the football season. For the rest of us, there are Christmas movies I guess. » 11/25/12 1:11pm 11/25/12 1:11pm

Will We Ever See A Return To The Glory Days Of Colts-Patriots?: Your…

We have four more games left on the day and three more begin right now. OK, fine—due to some scheduling rejiggering this year, there is actually one more right now and then two more in the coming 20 minutes, but you get the point. We've actually got a pretty solid selection of quarterbacks this late afternoon and… » 11/18/12 4:05pm 11/18/12 4:05pm

Mike Holmgren Is Not Interested In The Cowboys Job That Is Not…

Week 11 is here and we've got a lot to talk about including coaching controversies and the Vickless Eagles. Let's get going already. » 11/18/12 1:00pm 11/18/12 1:00pm

When Is Losing Good For A Team? (Hint: The Answer is "Never"): Your NFL…

Today's viewing guide is coming to you live in living color and internet whistles from the belly of the beast: The ESPN Zone in Disney World. Norby, if you are reading, I'm the guy in a weird outfit. » 11/11/12 12:57pm 11/11/12 12:57pm

Eli Manning Looking At Defenses: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

Three more games for you this late-afternoon/evening before Dallas embarrasses itself against Atlanta. Let's all look at Eli Manning, who will most assuredly be looking at plenty of things. » 11/04/12 4:13pm 11/04/12 4:13pm

Your Sunday NFL Early Games Viewing Guide

We've got you covered this afternoon for a full slate of NFL games including big time rivalries like the Browns and Ravens. If that's not your cup of tea, try out the "Suck for Luck" participants reacquainting after their race to the bottom from a year ago. Or just try coffee. » 11/04/12 12:47pm 11/04/12 12:47pm

Respectfully Yours, Eli Manning: Your NFL Late Games Viewing Guide

Another week, another week with just two late afternoon games and one of which is a total snoozer. But there is Giants-Cowboys so lets all watch that to see how Dallas will screw the pooch this week.
New York Giants at Dallas (FOX): The Giants are looking to avenge an opening night loss at home to the Cowboys. Eli… » 10/28/12 4:25pm 10/28/12 4:25pm