This Is Roger Goodell's Defining Defeat, And The One He Deserves

It’s fitting that Roger Goodell’s biggest failure, the one that could well end up permanently lessening the considerable power he and NFL owners have traditionally held over the NFLPA, was born out of the stupidest scandal in the history of the NFL, and perhaps all of sports. This is precisely the kind of defeat that… »9/03/15 12:14pm9/03/15 12:14pm


The NFL's Uniform Policies Are Even More Tight-Assed Than You Thought

Everyone has always known that the NFL’s uniform policy was incredibly strict—this is made clear every time a player is fined for wearing the wrong color or length of socks—but thanks to the documents dumped in the NFLPA’s lawsuit against the NFL, we now know that the policy is in fact a monument to useless,… »8/05/15 10:54am8/05/15 10:54am

Highlights Of Tom Brady's Personal Emails, Revealed In NFLPA Lawsuit

Part of the prodigious information dump related to Tuesday’s NFLPA lawsuit against the NFL is a mammoth collection of Tom Brady’s emails, each carefully tagged by an expert as possibly relevant to the Patriots quarterback’s four-game suspension for allegedly manipulating footballs. The relevations therein turn up very… »8/05/15 9:00am8/05/15 9:00am

Here's The "Integrity Of The Game" Honor Code The NFL Says Brady Broke

For the first time—as far as we can tell—the NFL’s secret honor oath has become public, as part of the NFLPA’s lawsuit over Tom Brady’s suspension. It’s this “Integrity Of The Game Certification” upon which the NFL has hinged its four-game ban on the Patriots quarterback, and yet the text of this honor code was never… »8/04/15 11:35pm8/04/15 11:35pm

Tom Brady's Lawsuit Will Be Heard In New York, Like The NFL Wanted

Yesterday, the NFLPA filed its suit on behalf of Tom Brady, claiming the NFL contravened and exceeded its own CBA-granted disciplinary powers in suspending him four games for Ballghazi. The suit was, as expected, filed in Minnesota, where the union has won a series of favorable judgments. It was so expected that the… »7/30/15 11:05am7/30/15 11:05am

Here Are 20 Sentences From Roger Goodell's Tom Brady Decision

The NFL has issued a stirring 20-page decision on the issue of New England quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension. In it, Roger Goodell makes the case for upholding his own decision by citing evidence gathered by the NFL’s investigatory arm and a nominally independent law firm. It reads about the way you’d… »7/28/15 6:15pm7/28/15 6:15pm

Report: Tom Brady Will Sue If The NFL Doesn't Throw Out His Suspension

There are rumblings that a decision on Tom Brady’s appeal of his four-game Ballghazi suspension will be coming down very soon. But the union is already making a ton of noise: according to reports from ESPN and, citing NFLPA sources, Brady and the union are already prepping a challenge in federal court if… »7/15/15 10:10am7/15/15 10:10am

Troy Vincent: NFLPA Should Stop Spending So Much Money To Sue The NFL

ESPN’s Ashley Fox has an interview with high-ranking NFL executive Troy Vincent today, and there’s a whole lot of puff. (Sample question, summarized: “The person you hired to look tough on domestic violence says the NFL has made incredible strides on domestic violence. Wouldn’t you agree?”) But eventually you get to… »6/30/15 10:45am6/30/15 10:45am

Tom Brady's Appeal Goes Hard After Roger Goodell

Tom Brady has appealed his four-game suspension for being “generally aware” of two Patriots staffers’ schemes to illegally deflate footballs, and we learned this morning that the appeal will be heard by none other than Roger Goodell himself. That hearing is going to get really awkward when Goodell is called to testify… »5/15/15 12:40pm5/15/15 12:40pm

NFLPA Re-Elects DeMaurice Smith As Executive Director, For Some Reason

The NFL Players Association re-elected incumbent Executive Director DeMaurice Smith early Monday morning. This year's election had swollen to nine candidates, many of whom were ridiculous and under-qualified, but there had been a growing sense that the players were increasingly unhappy with Smith and could make a… »3/16/15 1:49am3/16/15 1:49am

The NFLPA's Election For A New Leader Is A Ridiculous Clown Show

This Sunday, the National Football League Players Association will hold an election for Executive Director, a position held by DeMaurice Smith since being unanimously elected by active player reps in 2009. Including Smith, there are nine candidates for the position, which is about eight more than usual. Most of these… »3/14/15 6:35pm3/14/15 6:35pm

Adrian Peterson: Planned Hearing Was "Inconsistent With The CBA"

Yesterday, Adam Schefter reported that Vikings running back Adrian Peterson bailed on a disciplinary hearing scheduled for last Friday. The NFL claimed they set the meeting because Peterson and the NFLPA kept asking for the matter resolved as quickly as possible. This morning, on the NFLPA's site, Peterson released a… »11/16/14 10:43am11/16/14 10:43am