John Scott Scores Two Goals In NHL All-Star Game, Wins MVP Trophy

John Scott—whom the NHL tried its hardest to keep out of the All-Star Game and who is not even currently in the NHL—brought the Nashville crowd to its feet after scoring two goals for his Pacific team in the first game. A Corey Perry goal proved to be the sole scoring in the second game, as Scott led the Pacific…


Here Are Some GIFs From Last Night's NHL All-Star Skills Competition

You probably missed last night’s NHL All-Star Skills competition, an event that is as interesting and fun as the NFL Pro Bowl is boring and spirit-sucking. As the All-Star Game proper gets underway right now on NBC Sports Network—it’ll be fun too, really, please watch—here are a few GIFs from last night’s festivities.

John Scott, Who's Been Waived Three Times This Year, Will Start The NHL All-Star Game

A few weeks ago, we told you about John Scott’s unlikely lead in NHL all-star fan voting. Despite being a fairly anonymous dude, and getting cut by the Coyotes a few times this year, Scott held onto his lead and has officially been voted into the game, and will start as one of the four captains, along with Jaromir…

This Should Answer The Question Of Whether Alex Ovechkin Regrets Skipping The All-Star Game

Back when it looked like Alexander Ovechkin might not be named to the All-Star Game, he told a reporter he wouldn't be disappointed "because I'm going to go straight up to vacation somewhere." But he did make the roster, and also managed to get himself suspended for three games. So he decided no All-Star Game because…