Game 6 Could Come Down To The Skating Wounded

They say the NHL playoffs are a battle of attrition, and the Blackhawks and Bruins, the last two teams remaining, remained remarkably unscathed until the finals. But a close, hard-fought series that's already required 20 periods over five games is taking its toll, and each team may or may not be without its best… » 6/24/13 9:30am 6/24/13 9:30am

Tuukka Rask Does Everything He Can, But Chicago Wins Game 5

Amid the 29 credited saves he made last night, Tuukka Rask made three or four exceptional saves and single-handedly kept the Bruins in the game all night, making the always-intense final minutes of the game possible. Once pulled for a man-advantage with less than a minute in the game, Rask had barely time enough to… » 6/23/13 10:34am 6/23/13 10:34am

You Can Fit A Stanley Cup Through Corey Crawford's Glove Side

The Blackhawks won in overtime to knot the finals at two, but Chicago goaltender Corey Crawford now has a book. It says go high, go glove side, find twine. » 6/20/13 9:12am 6/20/13 9:12am

Jimmy Fallon's Awards For The Bruins And Blackhawks Were Damn Funny

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, they occasionally hand out yearbook-style superlatives. Last night, they did it for the Stanley Cup finalists. It's worth your time. » 6/19/13 4:40pm 6/19/13 4:40pm

Andrew Shaw Was Mic'd Up For His Game 1 Winner, And It's Fantastic

NBC had Andrew Shaw wearing a microphone last night, and it just might be the best decision the producers have made all playoffs. » 6/13/13 10:54am 6/13/13 10:54am

Chicago's Win: 112 Minutes, Two Empty Bruins, And One Pinball Wizard

This is what coaches say, over and over, as overtime stretches into a second overtime stretches into comical exhaustion: just chuck it toward the net, because you never know what can happen. » 6/13/13 9:11am 6/13/13 9:11am

Pucks, Lies, And Videotape: Where Is The Kings' Stanley-Cup-Winning…

The last puck of the Stanley Cup Finals: an important relic, timeless for the player who gets to keep it as a souvenir of the greatest achievement of his profession life, yet strangely secondary. In the rush to celebrate the final horn, not a single member of the Kings gave a thought to that little rubber disc. Not… » 6/29/12 11:05am 6/29/12 11:05am