Here's Jaromir Jagr As A Firefighter In A Euro Lottery Commercial

This is more than a year old, and it's already bounced around the internet a little bit, but it was just brought to our attention. We're posting it because it's Jaromir Jagr. Dressed as a fire chief. Who gets tricked by some ladies. Ladies who wanna party with him. In a 20-second commercial for the Euro Milony lottery. » 6/13/13 10:25am 6/13/13 10:25am

Bruins' Gregory Campbell Breaks Leg, Finishes Shift

In the words of Doc Emrick, Gregory Campbell was "shaken up" after he lay down to block Evgeni Malkin's slap shot during a Penguins power play in last night's second period. Hobbling and barely able to move, Campbell played on for another minute or so, at one point nearly stealing the puck on a lazy pass from Kris… » 6/06/13 7:15pm 6/06/13 7:15pm

The Bruins Are Toying With The Penguins, And Here's Why

It took 28 seconds for the Bruins to score first in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals. It took even less time than that for Sidney Crosby and the Penguins to shit their pants. » 6/04/13 7:05pm 6/04/13 7:05pm

Check Out Jaromir Jagr At 18, When He First Got To Pittsburgh

In 1990, Jaromir Jagr arrived as a Penguins rookie from the former Czechoslovakia looking every bit like the dude from that one A-ha video. With the 41-year-old Bruins winger back in town for the Eastern Conference finals beginning tomorrow, the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette's photo Tumblr performs a public service by… » 5/31/13 4:08pm 5/31/13 4:08pm

A Pirates Player Came To Work Today Dressed Like Mario Lemieux

When they travel for their upcoming road trip to Milwaukee and Detroit, the Pirates intend to show their support for the Penguins' playoff run by wearing Pens sweaters. But utility infielder Brandon Inge went further. » 5/23/13 5:28pm 5/23/13 5:28pm

Sidney Crosby Blasts Through Two Defenders For Filthy Breakaway Goal

This play didn't begin as a breakaway. When Sidney Crosby got the puck at center ice, Thomas Hickey was in his way, with Lubomir Visnovsky closing in on Crosby's right. Plenty of room. » 5/09/13 10:40pm 5/09/13 10:40pm