There Is Another: Brother Of Barbaro Romps In First Win

Barbaro's full brother, 3-year-old Nicanor, broke his maiden Wednesday by 15 1/4 lengths at Delaware Park. Fans of the late Barbaro reacted with typically cool understatement. One told the New York Times: "Wahhhooooo!" » 5/14/09 6:15pm 5/14/09 6:15pm

Prepare Thyself For Impending Debut Of Barbaro's Brother. Oy

Just because you have a famous brother doesn't mean that you will approach the heights of greatness yourself, as anyone who has seen a Daniel Baldwin movie will readily attest. We've previously written about Barbaro's younger brother, of course, but now the horse — named Nicanor — is ready to make his racing debut.… » 5/14/08 6:30pm 5/14/08 6:30pm