Missing Homeless San Francisco Giants Fan Found In LA

Known simply as Billy (with a last name believed to be Chamberlain), he had endeared himself to a number of people affiliated with the Giants—players, coaches, security, writers—by pleasantly hanging around the parking lot for years. And then Billy was gone, his absence noteworthy enough to make the papers and even… »9/21/11 11:30am9/21/11 11:30am

How These Two White Guys Wound Up In This Kendrick Perkins Family Photo

Like most white guys from suburban Boston, half-brothers Brian Johnson and Justin Tsouros had never hung out with an NBA player. So when they arrived at the condo in Waltham, Mass., one evening in the fall of 2007, they didn't quite know what to expect. The place was dark. The blinds were drawn. But they knocked,… »4/20/11 1:45pm4/20/11 1:45pm