Here's The Official Big East Anthem, By Nick Lachey

Congrats, PR person who just sent this to us: we're talking about your client, though probably not in the terms you'd prefer. Everyone get ready for a lot of former boybander and Jessica Simpson boytoy Nick Lachey in your lives, because ESPN's going to play an awful lot of "Last One Standing" on Saturday. Let's listen… » 3/11/11 5:20pm 3/11/11 5:20pm

The Dirty Sheets Of South Bend

People are so excited about the USC-Notre Dame game this weekend that even travel arrangements are making the news. The fine folks at HotelChatter have taken a look at one of the worst hotels near Touchdown Jesus you could possibly find, the Knight's Inn South Bend, where one guest checked into their room to find that… » 10/13/05 12:55pm 10/13/05 12:55pm

Oh, The Fun They'll Have

According to Sports By Brooks and KMPC Radio in Los Angeles, now that college football expert Nick Lachey and non-sports-related wife Jessica Simpson have reportedly split up (or maybe not), Lachey might actually be moving in with Southern Cal quarterback Matt Leinart. (We're going to assume he doesn't live in the… » 10/06/05 12:35pm 10/06/05 12:35pm

NFL Roundup: It's Possible That Plummer Just Isn't That Good

Other Thoughts On The First Weekend Of The NFL:
• As the only guy who ever brought the Buzzsaw to the playoffs, we will always have a soft spot for Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer. But, what, with the out of control hair (facial and otherwise), angry anti-war screeds and the tendency to throw the ball to the other… » 9/12/05 10:09am 9/12/05 10:09am