Brendon Ayanbadejo Implies Miami Traded Him For Taking Paternity Leave

The fuss about Daniel Murphy missing two games to be there for the birth of his son seemed like a total nontroversy—the Mets were OK with it, and their fans were OK with it. (Seriously. It's two games. And Daniel Murphy. And the 2014 Mets.) The only people upset were New York radio hosts. But the debate on taking… » 4/04/14 9:27am 4/04/14 9:27am

Lane Kiffin In Tuscaloosa Bar Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of 'Bama Fans

Reader Daniel sends along this picture, noting it was supposedly taken in a Tuscaloosa bar after Nick Saban invited the oft-fired coach to evaluate the Crimson Tide offense the previous week. Sabes said the invite was just for his own edification, he admires Lane's offensive prowess, but the invite—and now perhaps the… » 12/28/13 9:30am 12/28/13 9:30am

Nick Saban's Agent Sure Seems To Be Shopping Him To Texas

When the AP first reported news of a January phone call between Texas administrators and Nick Saban's agent Jimmy Sexton, Saban said he didn't know anything about it, and that he's too old to start somewhere else. New documents indicate the call took place, and not only did Sexton tell UT officials Texas was the only… » 11/06/13 9:00am 11/06/13 9:00am

Behold, A Life-Sized Jell-O Mold Of Nick Saban's Face

Spilly, SBNations's food humorist—and a Pitt fan, of all things—unveiled his latest creation today, along with a breakdown of how it was done. It would not be an understatement to describe this as a Spilly masterpiece. Also not an understatement: This is the closest Nick Saban has ever come to resembling an actual… » 9/13/13 3:41pm 9/13/13 3:41pm

Nick Saban Walks Out Of Press Conference Over D.J. Fluker Questions

This Saban presser, on the heels of the Yahoo report that former offensive standout D.J. Fluker was funneling cash into the Alabama program, is a thing of beauty. It's very Belichickian in it's format: boring we-had-a-good-week-of-practice-blah-blah beginning followed by a preemptive statement of nothingness… » 9/11/13 7:33pm 9/11/13 7:33pm

Sports Illustrated Falls For Satire About Nick Saban Visiting Texas

What you see above is the story that went screaming out on the SI Wire at earlier today. Technically, it's true: Nick Saban is indeed visiting Texas this weekend—but only because Alabama's showdown with Texas A&M is still scheduled for Saturday in College Station. But that's not all is telling you here:… » 9/09/13 1:41pm 9/09/13 1:41pm