Nick Van Exel's Son Is Free On Bail

Two days after being arrested for murder in Dallas, Nickey Maxwell Van Exel is a free man whose lawyer claims murder is a harsh term for "horseplay." Bail was originally $1 million; NMVE only had to post $25,000. » 1/01/11 11:00am 1/01/11 11:00am

The Confessions Of An NBA Scorekeeper

"I went into the NBA as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as I could get," Alex says. "I loved the game. I didn't want to taint it." Of course, that was before Alex did all those "bad, bad, bad" things. » 8/26/09 3:45pm 8/26/09 3:45pm

An Assist For Nick Van Exel: How An NBA Scorekeeper Cooked The Books

In January 1997, the Lakers' Nick Van Exel handed out 23 assists in a 95-82 victory over Vancouver, a feat less attributable to his sharpshooting teammates than to the numbers-fudging Lakers fan working the Grizzlies' scorer's table. » 8/13/09 5:45pm 8/13/09 5:45pm

Athlete Run-In: Nick The Quick Knows What Ladies Like

We've had a few protests over our upcoming hiatus from the athlete run-in stories. We're flattered that you like them so much, and we promise they will be back after the new year. We just don't want to rely on them, that's all. We're still taking your great ones at So send 'em on over. » 12/16/05 3:45pm 12/16/05 3:45pm