Unpopular Sport Forms "Strategic Promotional Alliance" With Band That Sucks

Big announcement today from the NHL. So big it merited a press release that maunders on for nearly 1,000 words. You're not going to bother reading it, but here's the gist: The NHL has an awards show on June 20 in Las Vegas. It has hired Nickelback to be the headlining band. It's hailing the move as a "strategic… »4/20/12 4:25pm4/20/12 4:25pm


There's A Campaign To Keep Nickelback From Performing At The Winnipeg Jets' First Game, Because Nickelback Sucks

No one knows why, but far too many dim marketing morons get paid ungodly amounts of money to "entertain" us at sporting events by hiring your mom's idea of a rockin' band. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than the NFL's decision to have Kid Rock, Lady Antebellum, and Maroon 5 ring in 2011 next week… »9/01/11 4:50pm9/01/11 4:50pm