The Mets Could Have Been Named The Avengers, Bees, Or Burros

Maybe everybody but me already knew this, but Avengers was once considered for the name of the team that became the Mets. This was back in 1961, two years before Stan Lee and Jack Kirby released the first comic book featuring The Avengers. It doesn’t seem like a great name for a baseball team to me—what are they… »5/05/15 8:36pm5/05/15 8:36pm

The Cowboys D-Line Coach Nicknamed One Of His Players "Golden Cock"

Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Jason Hatcher recently spoke to the Dallas Morning News about how much the team loves their defensive line coach, Rod Marinelli. To our delight, Hatcher revealed the nicknames that Marinelli has bestowed on each of his linemen, and none were better than defensive tackle Nick "Golden… »9/26/13 6:03pm9/26/13 6:03pm

The Thunder Are A Matchup Nightmare For Copy Editors. So Is The Heat.

Tonight's tipoff between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat is a milestone for American pro sports. For the first time, a major championship is pitting two teams whose names are mass nouns rather than ordinary plurals. The naming fad that gave us the Heat and the Orlando Magic at the end of the '80s has at… »6/12/12 5:22pm6/12/12 5:22pm

Why Yes, One Cleveland Writer Did Offer Up A Nazi Death-Camp Gas For Use As Dirk Nowitzki's Nickname

And it was Scott Raab (yesterday). Oh, don't get all "How dare you belittle millions of deaths for a joke the morally depraved community doesn't even so much as giggle at?" He apologized 13 hours later, while nobly driving page views to a story he wrote last year about retired U.S. autoworker/convicted Nazi… »5/18/11 10:30pm5/18/11 10:30pm