Tommy Craggs Owes Me Money

In August, I learned that the Jell-O people were rolling out an expanded line of college football logo Jell-O molds and that, in the course of promoting them, the Jell-O people were loudly proclaiming that they WERE NOT to be used to make Jell-O shots. I proceeded to completely lose my mind at the idea of buying every… » 1/09/15 6:03pm 1/09/15 6:03pm

Comcast SportsNet Airs Our Version Of Cubs Mascot With Cock And Balls

Earlier this week we introduced you to terrifying Cubs mascot Clark The Cub and invited you to do horrible things to him. We started you off with Jim Cooke's full-frontal rendition, which is exactly what Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic aired to viewers across the Washington, D.C. area tonight. » 1/14/14 11:21pm 1/14/14 11:21pm

The Cubs' New Mascot Is A Nightmarish, Perverted Furry

In an apparent effort to get the public to stop paying so much attention to their tenuous connections to the traditional baseball experience and start paying more attention to them as a baseball team, the Chicago Cubs have spent the last while systematically eradicating everything that's even remotely attractive about… » 1/13/14 4:53pm 1/13/14 4:53pm

Richard Seymour Boldly Accepts His Deportation to the North Korea of…

Richard Seymour has agreed to play for the Raiders this season and is expected to suit up for the team Monday night against the Chargers. We think Seymour's wife Tanya will fit right in with the Oakland Coliseum fans. [ESPN] » 9/12/09 10:17am 9/12/09 10:17am