The Absurd History of Nike Air Technology

Like many soul-searching 1990s adolescents, I was obsessed with Nike Air technology. I’d pore over the latest innovations, from visible forefoot air to tuned air to other types of air. I’d even buy used sneakers at the flea market and tear them apart to inspect the air. As my young brain developed and my understanding… »Thursday 9:48pm11/19/15 9:48pm


A Square's Guide To Buying Sneakers

When I was a kid and lived on West 72nd Street in Manhattan, I wanted a pair of the original Air Jordans—the red and black ones that the NBA had banned for being too flashy or some shit. There was a mom-and-pop sneaker shop on the Upper West Side that showed them off in their windows, and I’d salivate at the sight of… »11/16/15 1:40pm11/16/15 1:40pm

Nike Exec: “I’m Gonna Fuckin’ Kill You”

On Wednesday, website published a University of Oregon Police Department report of an incident on June 25 in a field just west of Hayward Field. It was around 7 p.m., toward the end of the first day of the USA Track and Field national championships, and coach Danny Mackey was sitting with one on his… »8/14/15 12:05pm8/14/15 12:05pm

Nick Symmonds Left Off Worlds Team For Not Signing Himself Over To Nike

Two-time 800-meter Olympian Nick Symmonds qualified for the 2015 World Championships team by winning the U.S. Championship in June, but he’s off the team. Symmonds refused to sign the USA Track & Field contract requiring Team USA members to wear only Nike-branded gear at all “official” (and the quotation marks are… »8/10/15 2:32pm8/10/15 2:32pm

Converse Redesigned Its Iconic Chucks for the First Time in 98 Years

Some would consider it as sacrilegious as when Coke dabbled with its classic formula back in the 80s, but after 98 years Converse has updated its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. On the outside they look nearly identical, but on the inside the Chuck II is actually far more comfy for your feet. »7/23/15 2:10pm7/23/15 2:10pm

Nike Has Their Own Air Force And Futuristic Air Base

Nike likes to say “Just Do It,” and when you look at all the crazy stuff the sportswear giant does, it may be more than just an empty slogan. If designers need input from athletes on new shoes, they prototype it with 3D printers. They test speed suits for Olympians in wind tunnels for 1,000 hours. And when they need… »7/07/15 8:31pm7/07/15 8:31pm

Nike Is Making The Norway Women's Soccer Team Play In "Unisex" Jerseys

The Norway women’s national soccer team is historically one of the best in the sport. Along with the USWNT, Norway are the only ones to have won both Olympic gold and the World Cup. It makes sense, then, that Nike would want to be the official jersey sponsor for a team with such pedigree. What doesn’t make sense is… »4/21/15 11:52am4/21/15 11:52am

Tennessee Responds To Your Nike FOIAs And The Answer Is Super Shady 

Wednesday, I asked those of you in Tennessee to submit a public records request on behalf of Deadspin because ours had been denied due to a chilling and arbitrary law limiting records requests to Tennessee residents only. I wanted copies of Tennessee's communication with Nike, because the university's controversial… »3/13/15 11:25am3/13/15 11:25am

Tennessee Won't Give Us Nike's Emails; Maybe They'll Give Them To You

The University of Tennessee recently decided to do away with calling nearly all its women's sports teams Lady Vols, a move that came at about the same time the university announced switching from Adidas to Nike for athletic apparel. Now, they are all Volunteers who will use the Power T logo—except for the women's… »3/11/15 7:04pm3/11/15 7:04pm

Ex-Nike Runner Metes Out Public Relations Advice

Former Nike-sponsored runner Kara Goucher suggested in a tweet that Nike's We Run Dirty campaign for trail running gear was ill-advised, given the recent doping dramas involving, among others, top-tier Kenyan Rita Jeptoo and Russian Liliya Shobukhova. Both women are—or were, at the time they failed drug tests—in… »12/08/14 2:52pm12/08/14 2:52pm

Female Runner Who Uses Nike+ to Draw Dicks Is an American Hero

Most runners I know who are not also liars acknowledge that running sucks much (okay, most) of the time. Usually, I deal with how much I hate it by complaining about it to people who really, truly do not care. But one San Francisco woman has channeled that love-hate relationship into something beautiful: using the… »8/05/14 4:49pm8/05/14 4:49pm