Niklas Kronwall Finally Kronwalled One Too Many Defenseless Players

Niklas Kronwall’s flattening of Nikita Kucherov late in the second period of Tampa’s Game 6 win was the platonic ideal of a “Kronwalling,” the flying elbow to a head-down player for which the physical Red Wings defenseman has become so well-known. Kronwall has never been suspended before, but that appears likely to… »4/28/15 11:29am4/28/15 11:29am

Jakub Voracek Used To Have Cognitive Abilities, Until Niklas Kronwall Exploded Him

Philadelphia's Jakub Voracek skated directly into a Kronwall, which, from the point of view of physics, isn't much different from skating into a brick wall. Voracek was clearly out for a few seconds, going directly into the always-terrifying the fencing response. No penalty was called on the play, and it's unlikely… »3/07/12 10:15am3/07/12 10:15am