All White Everything: The Glorious Badness Of Enter The Ninja 

Ninjas tend to wear all black because they want to move around in the dark without being seen, right? Like, that’s the whole point of being a ninja? I’m asking this because the hero of 1981’s Enter the Ninja is a white ninja, in both senses of the word: He’s a Caucasian man who’s become a ninja, and he wears a… »7/09/15 12:51pm7/09/15 12:51pm


Sweet ESPN Martial Arts Broadcast A Throwback To Network's Early Days

If you're old enough to remember any of the 80's, you know that ESPN wasn't always the home to 24-hour jabbering analysts and NFL talk shows. In its more fledgling days, the WWL aired whatever content to which it could obtain rights; thus, Americans were introduced to wacky hat-wearing and fingergunz-pointing… »10/09/14 2:30pm10/09/14 2:30pm