You Didn't Kill Amy Winehouse, But You Didn't Save Her, Either

The cool thing about posthumous tragic-rock-star documentaries is the fresh insight from old friends and still-smitten fans and sheepish surviving accomplices, the raw intimacy of the childhood home movies and illicit backstage footage, the cheesy vintage TV appearances, the nerd arcana, and most of all the… »7/06/15 12:41pm7/06/15 12:41pm


We're Still Cheesed About Nirvana On That Baseball Video Game

We know we touched on this Friday, but it stuck in our craw over the weekend. Turns out that Courtney Love, an entirely stable person who should absolutely be trusted with one of the more valuable music catalogs of the last 50 years, has sold the rights to Nirvana's "Breed" to be played on the Major League Baseball… »2/26/07 10:30am2/26/07 10:30am