"I Hope Tim Tebow Rapes A Kid" And Other Completely Sane Penn State Fan Reactions To Paternoville's Renaming

Penn State's student campout group for football games announced last night they were changing their name from Paternoville to Nittanyville, and we noted the reaction from the PSU community was swift and uncomplimentary. The Nittanyville Facebook page found itself flooded with "Unlike" comments, but plenty of students… »7/17/12 11:00am7/17/12 11:00am


Penn State's Student Ticket Campout Group Will No Longer Be Called Paternoville

Penn State students have pitched tents outside Beaver Stadium in order to score the best seats for that week's football game for nearly 20 years. Starting with the 2005 home game against Ohio State, the name of that tent city became known as Paternoville, and it was eventually recognized by the university as an… »7/16/12 8:30pm7/16/12 8:30pm