Croatian Soccer Team Signs Field-Fornication Fetishist WAG To A Roster Spot

Nives Celsius, the "busty Croat WAG" married to Croatian national-team player Dino Drpic, is expected to appear in NK Slaven Belupo's match against Zagreb FC on Friday. Not even a week after the dramatic climax of the Women's World Cup, this is yet another giant step forward for gender equity in sports. »7/20/11 10:15pm7/20/11 10:15pm


The Grizzlies Were Prince To The Thunder's Morris Day Last Night

Your morning roundup for May 14, the day after a homeless Bulgarian man beheaded an elderly British woman in a Spanish supermarket, walked away "clutching the head by its hair, leaving a trail of blood dripping to the ground," but got caught after an Italian motorcyclist threw a helmet at his face. Oh, Europe. »5/14/11 10:00am5/14/11 10:00am