Lacrosse Team Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick To Perfection

Keep an eye on No. 15 Luke Wiles flipping the ball to No. 11 John Tavares at the start of this clip, from Friday's NLL game between Buffalo and Philadelphia. As the two separate after a stoppage in play, Wiles immediately cradles as if he's still got possession. It fools the referee, and it fools the Philadelphia… »1/14/13 6:10pm1/14/13 6:10pm

It May Be Professional Lacrosse's Season-Opener, But Teams' Fighting Skills Are In Midseason Form

I'll admit professional lacrosse is a sport beyond my professional purview, so I didn't even know they had hockey-style fights. Last night's season-opener between Rochester and Philadelphia ended with a real rumbler, though, even bringing the goalies out for fisticuffs. In the end, the fight lasted about five… »1/15/12 1:30pm1/15/12 1:30pm