What Kind Of Bullshit Is This Peyton Manning Shirt?

Peyton Manning broke the NFL touchdown pass record tonight, and we get this. What is this shit? This isn't clever! Someone just figured out that a "1" and "I" are similar enough, and didn't care about the rest. Manning made HIBTORY tonight. Cool. » 10/19/14 10:32pm 10/19/14 10:32pm

This Is What Happens When You Ask Reddit For Legal Advice

If you needed help with a legal situation, would you ask the first five people you see on the street? Of course not. So, why would you seek answers for a highly sensitive issue from a bunch of people on the internet who wouldn't have to face any consequences for their advice? » 8/11/14 12:47pm 8/11/14 12:47pm

Do Not Buy This Patriots-Redskins Training-Camp Shirt

Don't buy this $30 shirt commemorating a training camp practice with the Patriots, Washington fans. Don't do it. Thirty dollars! You're going to spend that much money on a shirt you won't wear again until you mow your lawn? » 8/01/14 11:34am 8/01/14 11:34am

Man Seeks Girls To Host Fantasy Football Draft, Possibly While Topless

The cool bro you see above is, according to this Craigslist post, looking for two girls to host his upcoming fantasy football draft. All he needs is a couple of girls to run the draft board, serve the fellas some drinks, and, you know, wear a bikini or some sexy lingerie and maybe even pop those tops off—I mean,… » 7/30/14 3:52pm 7/30/14 3:52pm

US Airways Explains How That Plane-In-A-Vagina Photo Happened

Thanks to the New York Daily News, we finally know why the US Airways Twitter account shared an image of a woman sticking a model airplane into her vagina with its followers. The answer? Whoever was running the account was trying to flag the image as inappropriate and ended up inadvertently including it in a tweet. » 4/15/14 6:25pm 4/15/14 6:25pm

The Grierson & Leitch Top 12 Movies Of The First Half Of 2013

Shockingly, we are more than halfway through 2013. As always, the best, most "prestigious" movies won't be released until November or December, because the people who vote on the Oscars are senile and cannot remember anything they saw more than 20 minutes ago. But there have been plenty of outstanding movies already… » 7/02/13 6:08pm 7/02/13 6:08pm

T.J. Fredette Brings His Rap Career To New York Streetball Courts

The Fredette brothers have demonstrated an admirable (and comical) dedication to pursuits not typically reserved for white guys from upstate New York. Jimmer, for example, signed a contract drawn up by his brother T.J. four years ago to promise that he would "do the work and make the necessary sacrifices" to… » 6/30/11 12:15pm 6/30/11 12:15pm

Now Detroit Also Wants To Hire Isiah Thomas

Yes, the story's from Chris Broussard, so we should take it with a Dead Sea's worth of salt, but it looks like things might get a whole lot worse for the poor folks of Detroit. » 6/08/11 1:25pm 6/08/11 1:25pm