Counterpoint: Ads On Jerseys Are Bush-League Crap, And If You Think…

Oh, gee, the NBA wants to build on its incredible globe-spanning success and goodwill by putting ads on its uniforms, because...that's how they do it in the WNBA. And MLS. And various other unpopular and/or foreign sports leagues, and uh NASCAR, which, really? NASCAR was a long-form automobile commercial to begin with. » 7/20/12 4:31pm 7/20/12 4:31pm

Starbury Does Some Self-Branding

It's no forehead Olympics tattoo, but Stephon Marbury has some fine audacious cranial ink of his own. And self-promotional too! The 30 Rock writers must make Tracy Jordan respond in kind. » 7/13/08 12:35pm 7/13/08 12:35pm