"Let's Get This Clown Out Of Here": We Crashed ESPN's State Of The…

Let's make one thing clear up top: Norby invited me. That would be Norby Williamson, ESPN's executive vice president of production. I have the email right here. Sent from TalentOffice@espn.com at 4:09 p.m. on Aug. 5. Subject line: "2011 'State of the Union' Talent Meeting - Sent on Behalf of Norby Williamson." It… » 8/26/11 6:23pm 8/26/11 6:23pm

Mike Tirico Being Groomed For Bigger, Boomer Things

"In an apparent attempt to make Mike Tirico a younger Chris Berman, ESPN has juggled its lineup, giving its "Monday Night Football" play-by-play voice "a variety of high-profile TV and radio assignments." [Times-Union] » 5/19/09 3:15pm 5/19/09 3:15pm

So What Does Jon Gruden Really Think Of His New Employer?

Having a selective memory and no access to Google comes in handy during a job search. That way, when a network hires you to talk football they aren't embarrassed by old quotes like this one. » 5/18/09 12:15pm 5/18/09 12:15pm

ESPN Is Giving Scott Van Pelt Some Quiet Time (UPDATE)

Last week, ESPN's Scott Van Pelt hammered Bud Selig about the MLB Commissioner's $18.5 million salary.A little too much, apparently: SVP was suspended from his radio show on Monday, according to multiple WWL sources. » 2/07/09 1:45pm 2/07/09 1:45pm

SHOTY First Round: Pac Man Jones Vs. Norby!

Every single SHOTY first-round matchup has been a blowout. We are not sure this will be any different; the Deadspin Planet is of one mind these days. » 11/29/07 3:10pm 11/29/07 3:10pm

Theismann Still Bitching About MNF Firing

We're sure there are people out there other than Joe Theismann and Washington Post columnist Leonard Shapiro who will miss Theismann on "Monday Night Football" broadcasts next year. We just can't find any of them. » 7/31/07 3:30pm 7/31/07 3:30pm

The Last Days Of ESPN2

See that logo right there? Cute, isn't it? Sure is: ESPN2, all grown up from espn2, back in the days when Keith Olbermann wore skinny ties and anchors weren't afraid to toss in a "dude" or "rad" from time to time. » 2/01/07 3:15pm 2/01/07 3:15pm