Norm Macdonald: Eddie Murphy Was To Be Cosby In Celebrity Jeopardy!

Norm Macdonald turned storyteller on Twitter tonight, sharing his experience of being involved with Sunday's Saturday Night Live 40th-anniversary episode and revealing that "Celebrity Jeopardy!" sketch writers originally called for Eddie Murphy to play Bill Cosby—but that the Norbit star begged off at the last… »2/18/15 10:10pm2/18/15 10:10pm


Every Hilarious Reaction Shot From Norm Macdonald's ESPYs Monologue

Every year ESPN drags out the three-hour press release that is the ESPYs and every year we post the above video of Norm Macdonald's monologue from the 1998 ESPYs. This was the sixth annual ESPY awards, which means it took a scant six years for the ESPYs to become as self-serious and pathetic as the Oscars have… »7/17/13 6:43pm7/17/13 6:43pm

Rick Reilly Trolls Norm Macdonald And Norm Returns The Favor Tenfold

Yesterday, Norm Macdonald spent a good portion of the day live-tweeting golf. For those following Norm, it was probably good fun. His dry sense of humor probably plays really well with the golf crowd. Unfortunately, Rick Reilly was having none of it. The man responsible for—OK, so in this spot I was going to… »3/11/12 3:51pm3/11/12 3:51pm

Awaiting the ESPYs, But (Still) Missing Norm MacDonald

It's the Wednesday after the MLB All-Star Game, which means if the Triple-A All-Star Game isn't your bag, your only other "sports" programming option for the evening is the ESPYs. Seth Meyers is hosting, but don't count on the gags to be nearly as subversive as some at the WWL will have you believe. Besides, nothing… »7/13/11 8:30pm7/13/11 8:30pm

The Seth Meyers-Lynn Hoppes Pre-ESPYs Bro-Down Skewers ESPN

Last we checked in on Page 2's Lynn Hoppes, he was breathlessly name-dropping third-tier celebrities, en route to this whole thing. (Of note: ESPN has since pulled the offending Hoppes video from its YouTube account. Did Brock Lesnar's attorneys complain?) Hoppes is ESPN's expert in the macho-tinged puff piece, and… »7/13/11 3:40pm7/13/11 3:40pm