Inconceivable: How Ball-Bustin' Norman Chad Became The Voice Of Poker

The funniest man working for ESPN is most famous for a line that wasn't funny at all. Is that the punchline here? Nobody in newspapering over the past few decades has delivered as many morning-coffee-through-the-nose laugh lines as Norman Chad has in his media and football-betting columns. An unsentimental smart-ass… »11/11/14 5:55pm11/11/14 5:55pm


Norman Chad's Not Shedding Any Tears Over Kornheiser's Departure

It's been no secret that Washington Post columnist/ poker rim-shot clown Norman Chad and Tony Kornheiser have a strained relationship. Apparently, this stems back to the WaPo days of yore when a young Chad was mentored by a less bald Kornheiser who took him under his combover'd-wing. Through that relationship,… »5/15/08 5:30pm5/15/08 5:30pm