High School Runner With Multiple Sclerosis Races Until She Collapses

Kayla Montgomery of Mount Tabor High School (N.C.) has multiple sclerosis, but that doesn't stop her from running cross-country and track, winning titles and ranking nationally as she does. Because of her disease, however, she has a unique way of finishing races. » 3/04/14 10:06pm 3/04/14 10:06pm

Unarmed Former Florida A&M Player Shot Dead By Police

Jonathan Ferrell, a former safety at Florida A&M, was shot and killed by North Carolina police early Saturday morning, apparently after seeking help after a car accident. Ferrell was unarmed, and the officer who fired the fatal shots has been charged with manslaughter. » 9/16/13 8:49am 9/16/13 8:49am

How A Career Ends: George Lynch Was Finished Off By Sore Feet

Tell Me When It's Over is an interview series in which we ask former athletes about the moment they knew their playing days were over. Today: George Lynch, all-purpose star for the University of North Carolina. » 4/02/12 1:45pm 4/02/12 1:45pm

Roy Williams Used To Coach At Kansas, A Special Place

As we wait for one ex-coach to possibly face off against his old team, we've got one waiting for us in this evening's second game. Roy Williams used to coach for Kansas before returning to his alma mater, North Carolina. In case you weren't sure, here's a little taste. » 3/25/12 1:55pm 3/25/12 1:55pm

Watch 16-Year-Old Indi Cowie Juggle A Soccer Ball Better Than The Boys

This week, the New York Times Magazine has the classic story about the quiet, anonymous Scottish-American high school sophomore girl who happens to be one of the best freestyle soccer players in the world. Stop me if you've heard this one before. » 3/29/11 11:20am 3/29/11 11:20am

Don't Root Against North Carolina On Their Home Court Or You Will Be…

Yesterday, scrappy Presbyterian College from Clinton, South Carolina waddled into the Dean Dome to get predictably stomped by the Tar Heels. That still didn't stop coach Roy Williams from tossing a Blue Hose fan for...yelling at his team during free-throws. » 12/13/09 12:30pm 12/13/09 12:30pm

Cracker Barrel Robbery: $158 in UNC, Duke Gear the Ill-Gotten Gains

In a move that leaves every person who has ever been to a Cracker Barrel aghast, two people made off with $158 in merchandise from the old country store yet left behind the wheels of cheese, butter churns, and large checker board pieces that you played on a quilt. Instead they filched North Carolina (mostly) and Duke » 7/31/08 5:00pm 7/31/08 5:00pm