It Looks Like Someone Slugged UNC's Mascot After The Championship-Winning Shot

If things weren’t bad enough for the North Carolina mascot after Kris Jenkins stole Tar Heels fans’ hearts, it appears Rameses got decked in the aftermatch. Here’s a pair of video angles—one from CBS’s Seth Davis—that show the mascot getting into some sort of tussle after the shot went in.

Brice Johnson's Full-Court Buzzer Beater Goes In, Fails To Beat Buzzer

If there is a perfect Deadspin highlight, it’s the extraordinary athletic play that achieves the impossible but has no impact on the game’s result. So here’s North Carolina’s Brice Johnson casually launching the ball the length of the court after the first half buzzer of the Tar Heels’ home game against the Miami…


Blown Offside Call Robs UNC Of Chance To Force Overtime Against Clemson [UPDATE]

First things first: North Carolina’s chances of winning this game were very slim. They’d have a minute to go 50 yards, score a touchdown, and get the two-point conversion—and that would just be to tie. But that an officiating blunder stripped them of the opportunity for a stunning comeback is, given that this is the…