UNC Takes Lead On Notre Dame With Reverse Flanker Pass

North Carolina has an inexplicable lead on #6 Notre Dame thanks to this tricky reverse that ended in wide receiver Quinshad Davis finding Tar Heels quarterback Marquise Williams for a 23-yard touchdown pass. UNC would have the ball back, too, if not for them doing characteristic dumb UNC things on a Notre Dame punt. » 10/11/14 6:35pm 10/11/14 6:35pm

​Rashad McCants Made The Dean's List At UNC Without Attending Classes

Rashad McCants, who starred on the 2005 North Carolina championship team, comes clean about his experience at UNC—and says academics could hardly have been more of a sham. He claims he skipped classes, had his papers written for him, and that Roy Williams and the athletic department "100 percent" knew what the school… » 6/06/14 10:36am 6/06/14 10:36am

Never Let A Cop In Your House: The Will Graves Story

This story is so stupid, I feel bad making you read it, but it's a teachable moment. Former North Carolina guard, Will Graves, was cited last week for misdemeanor charges when cops searched his home and found eight marijuana seeds, three (!) blunts and two burnt blunts, all helpfully scare-quoted in most write ups… » 12/14/13 9:30am 12/14/13 9:30am

Here Is Michael Jordan's First Career Basket At UNC

Eye On Basketball unearthed this little gem today from YouTube's wayback machine. It's footage of a game that matched preseason No. 1 North Carolina against unranked Kansas on Nov. 28, 1981. It was the season opener at the Charlotte Coliseum. And it featured the first two collegiate shot attempts by a 6-foot-5… » 8/16/13 5:40pm 8/16/13 5:40pm

UNC Keeps Digging Deeper Hole For Itself In Academic Scandal

The UNC academic scandal—that's much less scandal and much more conversation with the last person left in the world to have seen the ending of The Sixth Sensecontinues. To recap, athletes at UNC were enrolled in bogus classes and received assistance from faculty and administrators to help maintain their eligibility.… » 7/21/13 6:45pm 7/21/13 6:45pm

Sadistic Media Targeted "Carolina Way," Whinges Ex-UNC Chancellor

Pro tip for anyone trying to make sense of a scandal. If the person at the center of it starts claiming that "the media" are persecuting them, it's usually (though not always) a solid bet that they are patently full of shit. It's the equivalent of shooting the messenger and then claiming self-defense.

I'll leave you to… » 5/18/13 7:44pm 5/18/13 7:44pm

No Holds Are Barred When It Comes To The Duke-UNC Rivalry, Including…

Discussion of the Tobacco Road rivalry between Duke and North Carolina usually focuses on basketball, but the two teams have long had a national presence in men's lacrosse. Both squads are ranked again this season, and last night's 11-8 Blue Devils victory in Chapel Hill wasn't without the bitter, tough play laxbros… » 3/14/13 6:44pm 3/14/13 6:44pm

Should You Storm The Court? An All-Purpose Guide

Four of the top five teams in college hoops lost on the road this week. When that happens, students storm courts. Illinois hits a last-second bunny to break a tie with No. 1 Indiana? That's a stormin'. TCU, heretofore winless in the Big 12, never trailed on the way to embarrassing No. 5 Kansas? That's a stormin'.… » 2/09/13 6:50pm 2/09/13 6:50pm

At UNC, "One Of The Worst Academic Fraud Cases In American History" Has…

The University of North Carolina's academic fraud scandal has deepened and widened, and local officials have done the sensible thing in locating a fall guy. A brief refresher on why they need one: In December, an investigation officially found what had seemed probable from Julis Peppers' unintentionally public… » 2/09/13 12:00pm 2/09/13 12:00pm