"Erratic" North Dakota Zamboni Driver Arrested For Suspected DUI

Last night was a Friday in January, so the most exciting thing happening in Fargo (N.D.) was definitely a high school hockey game. It was even more exciting than usual for professional Zamboni driver Steve Anderson. » 1/31/15 11:13am 1/31/15 11:13am

Windowlicker And Nosepicker Are The Best North Dakota Hockey Fans

These two kids popped up behind a shot of North Dakota men's hockey coach Dave Hakstol Friday during a game against Minnesota Duluth, and they are outstanding college hockey fans. One's doing his best sucker fish impression while the other digs for gold. » 2/23/14 10:41am 2/23/14 10:41am

Man Applies For UND Head Coach Job, Cites Playing Madden As Experience

Thanks to years of playing the Madden and NCAA Football franchises on Sega Genesis and Playstation, Christopher McComas feels confident he can lead the University of North Dakota to football immortality. His plan? "Chuck the pigskin" and then chuck it some more. Relentless defense. No mercy punting. » 12/11/13 10:45pm 12/11/13 10:45pm

A Handy State-By-State Ranking of Dick Size

A condom company has lovingly compiled a state-by-state ranking of dick size based on sales of large-sized condoms. Congratulations, North Dakota (Dickota?). Condolences, Mississippi. » 12/03/13 2:56pm 12/03/13 2:56pm

Watch Ron Burgundy Anchor An Actual Newscast In North Dakota

There's a new Anchorman movie coming out, which means Will Ferrell is making the rounds in character—ranging from Dodge ads to Canadian curling coverage. Tonight, he dropped by the studios of KXMB in Bismarck, North Dakota to co-anchor the CBS affiliate's broadcast following the Alabama-Auburn game. Here are some of… » 11/30/13 9:09pm 11/30/13 9:09pm

Fans Dress In KKK Hoods At A North Dakota High School Hockey Game,…

And that was the better response from a school administrator. Someone is either very handy with the Photoshop and committed to making North Dakota-area high schoolers look bad, or there are some extreeemely intolerant and/or stupid North Dakota-area high schoolers. From The Grand Forks Herald: » 2/23/13 10:45am 2/23/13 10:45am

North Dakota Passes A Law To Protect UND's Fighting Sioux Mascot; NCAA…

This week in North Dakota, where all news is news, the state legislature passed a law mandating that "the intercollegiate athletic teams sponsored by the [U]niversity of North Dakota shall be known as the [U]niversity of North Dakota fighting Sioux." Yes, the logo and nickname that the NCAA deemed were "disparaging"… » 4/20/11 3:50pm 4/20/11 3:50pm