Northwestern Players Were Goddamned Psyched About Getting Chick-fil-A

Upset Notre Dame in overtime, on the road? Whatever. Get Chick-fil-A for a postgame spread? "This is the best day ever!" It's good to be a champion. » 11/17/14 9:19am 11/17/14 9:19am

Northwestern Reaches New Low, Falls Down On Last Play, Loses

We told you earlier that Northwestern and Michigan were playing a hilariously bad contest today. Even with some points, the second half topped the atrocious first. More poor special teams, muffed punts and interceptions weaved throughout the half. Northwestern started one drive off an interception at the Michigan 15,… » 11/08/14 6:58pm 11/08/14 6:58pm

Northwestern And Michigan Are Playing One Of The Worst Games Ever

Last year, Northwestern, donned in jerseys that looked like tattered flags, and Michigan battled to a 9-9 tie through four quarters. They've played only two so far today, but the game has managed to be much worse than last year's snore-fest. » 11/08/14 5:06pm 11/08/14 5:06pm

Northwestern CB Matthew Harris Carted Off After Helmet-To-Helmet Hit

It was another scary reminder of the dangers college football players face on a weekly basis, as Northwestern defensive back Matthew Harris lay motionless on the turf for several minutes following a helmet-to-helmet collision with Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg. » 9/27/14 3:08pm 9/27/14 3:08pm

Northwestern Goes Union-Busting

Tomorrow, Northwestern football players will vote on whether or not to form a union, a right given to them by a National Labor Relations Board ruling last month. NLRB rules stipulate that no meetings can be held today, the day before the vote, to decrease the risk of outside influence—which doesn't mean all those with… » 4/24/14 12:37pm 4/24/14 12:37pm

Here Are Nebraska Coaches' Talking Points About Unionization

How are other Big Ten schools handling the tectonic movements set off by the Northwestern football players' unionizing campaign? Very, very cautiously, it seems, to judge by the talking points handed down to Nebraska coaches by an associate athletic director. » 4/14/14 2:28pm 4/14/14 2:28pm

How Would An NCAA Union Actually Work? A Guide For Perplexed Pundits

The real triumph of the decades-long propaganda war against organized labor isn't best seen in the ever-declining rate of unionization, or ever-increasing income inequality, or even the way the word "union" functionally works as an epithet. It's seen, instead, in the fact that so many otherwise smart, thoughtful… » 4/01/14 3:12pm 4/01/14 3:12pm

Northwestern Players Win First Step Toward Union Recognition

The director of the National Labor Relations Board's Chicago district ruled today that Northwestern football players do qualify as employees, and as such are entitled to form a union. This is as big as it sounds, but there is a ways to go before amateurism as we know it is ended. » 3/26/14 3:14pm 3/26/14 3:14pm

A Blueprint For Unionizing College Sports

On Tuesday, we learned that the Northwestern football team had filed paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board in an attempt to unionize and officially become classified as university employees. Thomas Frampton, an attorney and co-author of A Union of Amateurs: A Legal Blueprint to Reshape Big-Time College… » 1/31/14 1:17pm 1/31/14 1:17pm

Northwestern To Wear Stupid Custom Uniforms Yet Again

On Sunday, Northwestern, aka the Billy Zabka Finishing School for the Villains of John Hughes Movies, will take the floor against Illinois wearing the disastrous uniform you see above. This basketball uni isn't nearly as bad as the "Wounded Warrior" getup that the school's football team wore earlier this year, but… » 1/10/14 10:40am 1/10/14 10:40am

A Three-Man Front Is A Late-Game Defensive Formation For Suckers

The weekend, as I watched the absurd denouement of the Northwestern-Michigan game, something struck me as familiar — beyond the now-routine bumblefuckery that inspires the Wildcats to turn fourth-quarter leads into triple-overtime losses. No, it wasn't simply that Michigan drove in the dregs of game clock to kick the… » 11/20/13 8:09pm 11/20/13 8:09pm

Under Armour: Those Bloody Flag Jerseys Are Not Bloody Flag Jerseys

A bit of a stink has been raised, here and elsewhere, about Under Armour's Wounded Warrior jerseys to be worn by Northwestern later this month. They say the jerseys are patriotic; we say they're morbid and exploitative. Agree to disagree! » 11/06/13 3:34pm 11/06/13 3:34pm

Northwestern's Very Literal "Wounded Warrior" Unis Have Blood Spatters

Northwestern will be wearing these very special uniforms against Michigan on Nov. 16. Having been beaten down by the ubiquity of one-off unis, it's hard to get upset about the asymmetrical patriotic mishmash. It's even tough to muster up outrage over the fact that just 10 percent of proceeds from jerseys sold will… » 11/04/13 1:57pm 11/04/13 1:57pm

Northwestern Walk-On Receives Full Scholarship, Hugs From Entire Team

Senior guard James Montgomery has spent two years walking on for Northwestern, getting a grand total of 124 minutes. But new head coach Chris Collins has apparently been so taken with Montgomery's effort in practices, he called a team meeting to announce that Montgomery will be receiving a full scholarship this season. » 10/22/13 5:28pm 10/22/13 5:28pm

Ohio State Blocking A Northwestern Punt, In Extreme Slow Motion

We're not entirely sure how, but as of this writing Ohio State's only put up one touchdown tonight—and they got it on a punt block that exhibited such dominance you wonder how they're losing to Northwestern. » 10/05/13 10:16pm 10/05/13 10:16pm

Northwestern Has Fired Bill Carmody After 13 Years Of…

In 13 seasons as the head coach at Northwestern University, an alleged Big Ten basketball program, Bill Carmody’s signature moment might’ve been getting hired in the first place. And that, presumably, is why the school fired him today. Cracker-box facilities, lack of tradition, and academic pressures notwithstanding,… » 3/16/13 1:40pm 3/16/13 1:40pm

Iowa Basketball Player Throws Shoe, Nearly Decapitates Own Coach

Iowa's offense is dangerous. The Hawkeyes' Aaron White wasn't trying to plunk head coach Fran McCaffery after Northwestern's Alex Marcotullio lost his shoe during the second half yesterday. White was actually trying to get the shoe off the floor as quickly as possible so Iowa could continue to run its offense. The… » 1/14/13 10:45am 1/14/13 10:45am

Northwestern Football Holds Dizzy Bat Race, With Bonus Hot Dog Eating

As is tradition, Northwestern wrapped up spring practice with a dizzy bat race. The rules are simple: spin around 10 times, sprint 10 yards, eat a hot dog, don't vomit. [via Dr. Saturday] » 4/27/12 6:45pm 4/27/12 6:45pm

Northwestern's Attempted Halftime Buzzer-Beater Didn't Go In The…

Northwestern's consolation for missing out on the NCAA Tournament was hosting one of tonight's opening NIT games against Akron. While they missed this attempt to score before the halftime buzzer, I'm pretty sure knocking the ESPN camera assistant's hat off is worth a couple hundred tickets at a Navy Pier shooting… » 3/13/12 10:17pm 3/13/12 10:17pm