Cris Collinsworth Knows More About What's Going On With The San Diego Chargers Than Norv Turner

Cris Collinsworth predicted exactly how this game would end after noticing Jared Gaither lumbering before the final play, noting "Gaither looks lame, he's gonna have to get some help here or Wilson's gonna get a sack to end this game." And wouldn't you know it, Martez Wilson easily got to Rivers for the strip sack… »10/08/12 12:10am10/08/12 12:10am

For Some Reason, The Chargers Did Not Fire Norv Turner And A.J. Smith

You probably have a friend who doesn't follow football that closely and thinks the Chargers are really great. He likes that they have Antonio Gates, who is a killer in fantasy, and Vincent Jackson. He thinks Philip Rivers deserves to be mentioned with Tom Brady and Peyton Manning as the best quarterbacks in the NFL.… »1/03/12 3:37pm1/03/12 3:37pm