Picking Your Nose On Television Is Not A Violation Of BYU's Honor Code

Hot on the heels of a fervent nationally-broadcast nosepicker, a BYU fan is running with the nostril-spelunking baton. Last night's NIT bout in Provo between the Cougars and Washington turned out to be a snoozer, but even early on this gentleman was more interested in his own sneezer. » 3/20/13 3:02pm 3/20/13 3:02pm

As Playoff Dreams Drift Away, Phillies Fans Will Do Anything To Mask…

With the Nationals and Braves storming to guaranteed playoff spots, it stands to figure that the teams would leave some division foes in the wake of their success. Sure, the Marlins and Mets found themselves buried with regularity this year, but for Phillies fans accustomed to the team's success, being left on the… » 9/27/12 9:00am 9/27/12 9:00am

NBA's Opening Day: A Knuckle-Deep Recap

The NBA's Opening Day spectacular matched such high-profile teams, it was hard to pick winners. Indeed, only a savvy gambler would have tried to take a day of entertainment and turn it into a gold-digging expedition. It all followed on a preseason in which the Mavericks went drilling for oil with the Lamar Odom trade… » 12/26/11 11:45am 12/26/11 11:45am