And Now, Our All-Time Favorite Sports Video Games 

Listen, it’s the dead of summer, only boring sports are happening, and nobody much feels like blogging any blogs, so let’s all play some video games instead. Here, now, the Deadspin staff reminisces on their all-time favorite sports games. Here’s how we wasted our youth; please stick around afterward and let us know… »7/28/15 3:42pm7/28/15 3:42pm


Dumb Nostalgia Tastes Great In Small Doses

Despite all the talk of craft beer’s ascendancy, traditional macro bullshit still accounts for nearly 90 percent of all beer sold in America. But even though it continues to dominate the market, Big Bad Beer is clearly feeling at least a bit of heat. They’ve responded to the minor craft threat in several ways: by… »6/09/15 4:41pm6/09/15 4:41pm

A Grown-Ass Man's Guide To Super-Hard Old Nintendo Games

This is a thing about playing old NES games that I couldn't beat as a kid to see if I could beat them now as an adult, but let me tell you this first: I had sex while wearing a Power Glove not that long ago. It's maybe the most impressive thing that I've ever accomplished in my whole entire life. The backstory to pull… »6/13/14 10:04am6/13/14 10:04am

Remembering a Miracle in the Early Days of Sports Video Games

The score was 4 to 3, two outs in the ninth, when I woke up on the couch. No one was on base. "I don't need to see this," I said. "Nah, stick around," Dad said. I had two games that day, the World Series on TV, and Hardball! on my Commodore 64. If the Los Angeles Dodgers didn't win one, I'd make them win the other. »10/15/13 8:12pm10/15/13 8:12pm

Watch Bill Murray And Harry Caray Kick Off The Cubs' First Night Game

Twenty-five years ago today, the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies played the first-ever night game at Wrigley Field. After having only played day games since claiming the park as home in 1916, the Cubs finally succumbed to pressure from MLB, which threatened that if the team ever won a pennant they'd have to… »8/08/13 4:55pm8/08/13 4:55pm

Ten Years Later, Michael Vick Would Have a Harder Time Breaking Madden

Michael Vick may, for the rest of his life, remain a contemptible stereotype to much of the public: A brutal or stupid man. A laughingstock. A guy who did federal time. Still, there is one aspect of his football career that cleanly escapes the wreckage of his personal scandal, that lives on almost as a separate… »8/04/13 5:57pm8/04/13 5:57pm

Baseball Video Games Don't Decide Who's Left, Only Who's Right

Yesterday a reader sent me a screenshot in MLB 13 The Show of Nick Markakis, the Baltimore outfielder, taking his position at shortstop after pinch-hitting for J.J. Hardy. To a casual fan, it sort of sits there, waiting for you to guess what's wrong. Here's a hint: In real life, Markakis throws lefthanded. »7/24/13 11:28pm7/24/13 11:28pm

The Last Sports Stars of Video Games' Cartridge Era [Corrected]

Monday, Jason Kidd gave the NBA his retirement notice. He and Grant Hill were the only active players this year that appeared in NBA Jam: Tournament Edition from 1994. Like veterans of a long-ago war, day by day we are losing the athletes of video gaming's cartridge era. These are the last of them. »6/05/13 6:06pm6/05/13 6:06pm

Throwing Up Dip And Learning About Blowjobs: Deadspin's Notes On Summer Camp

I went to Camp Deerhorn in Rhinelander, Wis., every summer for the majority of my adolescence. It was an awesome camp. We got to fire guns. We got to shoot arrows. We got to go on horseback rides. (I've never shit my pants with more direct force than the first time I was on a horse and it went from trotting to… »8/15/12 5:04pm8/15/12 5:04pm

MC Hammer: Rapper, Activist, Entrepreneur, And A Motivational Speaker For The 49ers

MC Hammer has never strayed too far from the sports. He is, after all, a former sports blogger. Over the years, Hammer has helped the 49ers' sign Michael Crabtree in '09, he's done commercials for the Atlanta Braves, he's written open letters to Barry Bonds, and he even had his very own bobblehead night in Oakland… »10/26/11 6:00pm10/26/11 6:00pm

Manny Ramirez Hit A One-Handed Homer At 18, And Other Revelations

Sara Rimer, a former reporter for the New York Times, returned to the paper's pages yesterday with a lovely, nostalgic piece about following the George Washington High School baseball team during its 1991 season. Manny Ramirez, then an 18-year-old on his way to signing with the Cleveland Indians, quickly became her… »4/26/11 2:00pm4/26/11 2:00pm