Pete Carroll Bluffs His Way Through Press Conference About Rugby Leaguer

Rumors have had Jarryd Hayne talking with the Seahawks, so at his press conference yesterday, Pete Carroll was peppered with questions about the rugby league star who announced this week he's leaving Australia to chase his NFL dreams. He performed admirably, gushing about Hayne. The Seahawks PR guy then came out to… » 10/16/14 10:32am 10/16/14 10:32am

Clumsy Rugby League Child Faceplants

Consider this the coda to our extensive NRL Grand Final coverage. As Sydney take the stage for the trophy presentation, a kid (one of the players'?) attempted to join them. He didn't make it. Now he falls forever, trapped in a gif. » 10/07/13 5:54pm 10/07/13 5:54pm

Watch This Bonkers Rugby League Play

I have next to no idea what is happening here, but it is beautifully athletic. This particular try from Michael Jennings came in the NRL Grand Final, which is like the Super Bowl of rugby league. » 10/06/13 6:57pm 10/06/13 6:57pm

Australia's Rugby League Cracks Down On Big Hits, And Fans Aren't Happy

In any discussion of player safety in American football, rugby inevitably gets invoked in two ways: NFL players are called pussies for wearing body armor, and rugby is pointed to as an example of how players will self-police and self-preserve on tackles when they're not overly protected. Neither of these is strictly… » 11/20/12 12:05pm 11/20/12 12:05pm

Australian Sports Are Designed For Incredible Catches

That's David Mead of the Gold Coast Titans with the incredible fingertip grab and score from this weekend's NRL action. Australians seem obsessed with anointing highlights the "try of the year" , but apparently rugby league is a totally different sport from Aussie Rules Football, so Mead can have his imaginary… » 8/08/11 1:00pm 8/08/11 1:00pm