In Yet Another Case Of Metrics Confusion, Hakeem Nicks Claims Stats Are Useful For Impressing Girls

Hakeem Nicks's production has fallen in recent games, partly due to a left knee injury. A reporter asked him whether he was concerned about the drop-off, and he answered in a way that briefly sent the sports analytics world into a fit of eye-rolling and furiously composing Nate-Silver-meme jokes: "Stats is for girls,"… »11/10/12 1:55pm11/10/12 1:55pm

Calculating Extreme Suck: What Would Your Stats Look Like If You Played Professional Baseball?

Backup catcher Gerald Laird is a blessed man. In 2011 he won a World Series with the Cardinals, and in 2012 he'll get a chance for a second with the Tigers. (What beats glory and a full playoff share?) Laird is also the prototypical "replacement-level" player, producing 0.0 wins above replacement (WAR) this year and… »10/24/12 6:00pm10/24/12 6:00pm

Science! Proves Ron Artest's Halftime Drinking Hurt His Free-Throw Shooting

Our old friends at the Harvard Sports Analytics Collective took a long-overdue look at whether Ron Artest's early-career practice of drinking Hennessy cognac at halftime hurt his play. "Sure enough during the 2001 and 2002 seasons his free-throw percentage during the third quarter was 67.21% compared to 72.33% that he… »3/02/12 1:35pm3/02/12 1:35pm

Grantland's Jonah Lehrer Loves Intangibles So Much He Made A Whole Argument Out Of Them

Aren't sports statistics terrible? Of course they are. Sports has been overrun by number-nerds, and the number-nerds get angry if you point this out. So Jonah Lehrer, writing at Grantland about the pernicious influence of numerical analysis, makes sure not to bring up any actual examples of how numbers are misused.… »6/28/11 5:09pm6/28/11 5:09pm