So For Those Of You Who Want To See Citi Field's First Streaker...

There's the requisite NSFW-ish. Not for "the streak-uh," but because the equally moronic best friend cameraman decides to drop the N-word out of nowhere. So turn down the volume. [YouTube] » 5/13/09 8:45am 5/13/09 8:45am

Citi Field Security Cracks Down On Sprawling Negativity

Apparently the Citi Field security goons are over-sensitive this year. Two times last week they took away signs from fans. First was the K's controversy. Then there's this incident. » 4/27/09 12:30pm 4/27/09 12:30pm

This Is Why You Will Always Be Horrible, You Bastard Mets

Phillies fan works St. John's/Georgetown game on Sunday is asked to take his Fightins' jacket off. Does he do it? No! He leaves Citi Field instead. Brilliant. [The 700 Level] » 3/31/09 2:45pm 3/31/09 2:45pm