Everybody Lost Two Different Horses Won The Travers Stakes

There was an actual tie yesterday at the Travers Stakes. Golden Ticket and Alpha finished in a dead heat, so nobody won. Or they both won? One of the jockeys said after the race, "Neither one of us knew if we won," and, while technically they both "won"—there were two separate first-place trophy presentations—you kind… » 8/26/12 10:45am 8/26/12 10:45am

Saratoga Opens With Three Dead Horses On The First Day

The Summer Meet doesn't officially begin until tomorrow—Sunday was just the Open House, "a free family event that unofficially opens the track each year." Hopefully the families enjoyed the steeplechase events, in which three horses broke down in the first three races. All were euthanized. [Times Union] » 7/19/12 1:55pm 7/19/12 1:55pm

Since December, 16 Horses Have Died At Aqueduct Racetrack

Since the start of the winter meet at Aqueduct, 16 horses have broken down, all on the weatherproofed inner track. Suddenly, being a stunthorse on Luck doesn't seem like such a bad idea. New York's governor has asked the NY Racing Association to commission an independent investigation. [Daily Racing Form] » 3/15/12 6:45pm 3/15/12 6:45pm