Report: Josh Donaldson, Billy Beane Had Heated Argument Over Days Off

Now that Josh Donaldson has left the Athletics, we can go to the next step: juicy stories about internal discord leaking to the media. This particular story describes a big argument between Donaldson and general manager Billy Beane. » 12/03/14 11:37am 12/03/14 11:37am

A's Get Into Playoffs; Josh Reddick Celebrates With His Sack Out [NSFW]

The Oakland Athletics are in the postseason, and the superhero underwear-clad Josh Reddick is very, very happy about it. (The full, sacktastic version is below.) » 9/28/14 7:41pm 9/28/14 7:41pm

Via reader Sean: This, from Grantland's Jonah Keri, is an astute and comprehensive piece of baseball analysis about the baffling collapse of the A's since the trade deadline. This, from the San Francisco Chronicle's Bruce Jenkins, is not. [Grantland | SF Chron] » 9/11/14 10:12am 9/11/14 10:12am

Naked Idiot On Turner Field Delays Athletics-Braves Game

In the sixth inning at Turner Field last night, an idiot on the field brief(less)ly interrupted the game between the Braves and Athletics. He was really, really, incredibly nude.
» 8/17/14 5:34pm 8/17/14 5:34pm

Sam Fuld Puts His Entire Body Into It, Throws Man Out At Home

In the fourth inning in Oakland, with runners on the corners, Mike Moustakas hit a liner to center field that was easily caught by Sam Fuld. Alex Gordon tried tagging up from third to score, but he did not account for Fuld's spinning, full-body throw and was nailed at home. It's almost graceful? » 8/02/14 6:05pm 8/02/14 6:05pm

Dave Dombrowski And Billy Beane Have An Entertaining GM Rivalry

There are few occasions when you want to hear from your team's general manager. Usually, he's explaining why something went wrong, talking about how the team's trying not to suck, or saying goodbye as he's fired. The best times, though, are in free agency and at the trade deadline—unless your GM's Ruben Amaro—so… » 8/01/14 12:05pm 8/01/14 12:05pm

Tony La Russa Says Let The Cheats Into Cooperstown (Now That He's There)

Tony La Russa is one of six men who will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. Now that he's got his ticket punched, he thinks all the heavy hitters from the steroid era should be let in—but with an asterisk. » 7/27/14 9:45am 7/27/14 9:45am

Josh Donaldson Hits Monster Walk-Off Homer Against Orioles

The Orioles and Athletics have suddenly become a very exciting, potential postseason matchup. It first started getting some juice thanks to a weird feud between two guys who featured prominently in this game: Josh Donaldson and Manny Machado. In a June series in Baltimore, Machado got upset at what he felt was an … » 7/19/14 12:17pm 7/19/14 12:17pm

Cubs Trade Jeff Samardzija And Jason Hammel To Best Team In Baseball

Good news, Jeff Samardzija! You are now a starting pitcher for the Athletics, owners of the best record in baseball. It may smell like old, decaying, actual shit in Oakland, but that's just a modern plumbing problem, not an ancient, metaphorical one like your old home. » 7/05/14 10:05am 7/05/14 10:05am

Blue Jays Challenge Play To Get Their Own Runner Out

Blue Jays manager John Gibbons used MLB's instant replay in an unusual but clever decision in the top of the second of Thursday's game against the Athletics. » 7/04/14 10:00am 7/04/14 10:00am

Yoenis Cespedes Made Another Awesome Throw To Get A Baserunner Out

For the second time in two games, Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes gunned down a baserunner in spectacular fashion. » 6/12/14 12:47am 6/12/14 12:47am

Yoenis Cespedes Gets Howie Kendrick Out At Home With A Flawless Throw

The only reason Howie Kendrick turned third and ran home was because Athletics outfielder Yoenis Cespedes let Mike Trout's hit initially get away from him in the eighth inning. The key word is "initially." Cespedes compensated for his error with a flawless throw home to get Kendrick out. Watch the minimal movement by… » 6/11/14 1:15am 6/11/14 1:15am

Victor Martinez's shot in the seventh inning was reviewed by the umpires and upheld, as it was determined that the ball would have cleared the yellow line even if these two jabronis didn't try to grab at it. The home run tied the game at four. [@CJZero] » 10/08/13 7:41pm 10/08/13 7:41pm

A's, Tigers Trade "Fuck You"s Then Shoves As Fight Breaks Out In Ninth

Grant Balfour's no stranger to brawls in the ALDS sparked by profanity, and he was at the center of one again today in the ninth as he attempted to close out a win for the A's against the Tigers. Alas, Victor Martinez was going to make sure today's bottom of the ninth would be punctuated with pugilism. » 10/07/13 4:39pm 10/07/13 4:39pm

Watch Oakland's Coliseum Change From A's To Raiders Mode

Maybe you've seen the Coliseum change over from baseball to football mode, maybe you haven't. But as the only remaining MLB/NFL stadium, it's not something you see every day. » 10/07/13 8:47am 10/07/13 8:47am