Sheldon Adelson Is Killing Stories About How Much His Raiders Stadium Will Cost Las Vegas (UPDATE)

When it comes to the stadium scam, there are few things worse than the local media cheerleading the rich guys and urging local governments to spend hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to make sports teams happy. This would be worse: the Las Vegas Review-Journal, recently purchased by hands-on billionaire Sheldon…


Las Vegas Is The Next City The Raiders Will Use For Leverage To Try And Get A New Stadium

For two decades Los Angeles has served as the NFL’s bogeyman, lurking just out of sight as an implicit threat to any city that refused to pay up for a new or renovated stadium. You better flash the cash, the NFL would threaten, or the Bills/Dolphins/Jaguars/Vikings/Colts are going to bolt for glamorous Los Angeles.

Charles Woodson Delivers Address To Oakland Crowd In Emotional Goodbye

Oakland beat San Diego Thursday night in an overtime game that went past midnight on the east coast and threatened to be the most disappointing Christmas tie since millions of suburban dads opening poorly-wrapped gifts from their kids, every year. Retiring Raiders defensive back Charles Woodson took the mic to give a…