In The O'Bannon Decision, Truth Wins Out Over Rhetoric

Let me start by apologizing. Because of my own involvement in the Ed O'Bannon case, and because of past situations in which the NCAA has misquoted my own personal statements as if they represent the official opinions of the plaintiffs in the case, I can't be quite as analytical here as I might like, especially since… »8/11/14 10:11am8/11/14 10:11am


The NCAA Debated Allowing Player Names In Video Games

It is no secret that the NCAA Football game series included actual players—jersey numbers, heights, weights, hometowns, etc.—an EA Sports producer admitted it under oath, and documents show the NCAA was well aware. So why not go whole hog, put their names on the backs of jerseys in the game, and cut the charade? The… »2/27/14 1:09pm2/27/14 1:09pm

No, Fans Won't Stop Watching If College Players Get Paid

Defending itself in the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit, the NCAA has made some stunning claims. One, backed by an NCAA-commissioned poll, is that people so hate the idea of paying players that they will stop watching college sports if amateurism ends. In the filings, ex-CBS Sports President Neal Pilson estimated that ratings… »1/16/14 2:24pm1/16/14 2:24pm

No, Paying Athletes Won't Bankrupt College Sports

The NCAA's biggest and most bruited argument against compensating players is that athletics programs couldn't take on the additional burden of player salaries without going bankrupt. The argument has a certain appeal to a certain kind of fan, the one who thinks sports took a turn for the worse at roughly half-past… »1/16/14 12:22pm1/16/14 12:22pm