David Carr, Your Best Friend

There are hundreds and hundreds of people out there who believe that, secretly, they were David Carr's favorite. And maybe we all were. He had the rare emotional capacity to make each of us his favorite, one by one by one. » 2/13/15 11:07am 2/13/15 11:07am

Cardinals Great Stan Musial Dead At 92

Baseball Hall of Famer and unquestionable great Stan "The Man" Musial passed away tonight at 92. Musial started his major league career in 1941 and would play his last game in September of 1963; in the intervening seasons he made 24 All-Star teams, missing out only once, when he was serving in the U.S. Navy during… » 1/19/13 8:35pm 1/19/13 8:35pm

Report: Former Cleveland Browns Owner Art Modell Is Gravely Ill [UPDATE]

Sad news out of Baltimore tonight as Jim Donovan of WKYC in Cleveland is reporting that Art Modell, the former Browns owner who became infamous for moving the franchise to Baltimore after the 1995 season, is in a Baltimore-area hospital and that his "vital organs are failing." » 9/06/12 12:40am 9/06/12 12:40am

Gary Coleman Dead at 42, 4'8"

Gary Coleman, the former child star of Diff'rent Strokes and California gubernatorial candidate has passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage. [People, East Bay Express] » 5/28/10 3:20pm 5/28/10 3:20pm

Former AFL QB, VP Nominee, HUD Secretary Jack Kemp Passes Away At 73

Jack Kemp, best known for his work with supply-side economics and frequent runners-up Bob Dole and the Buffalo Bills, has lost another battle — this one to cancer. » 5/03/09 1:15pm 5/03/09 1:15pm

Hall Of Fame Tiger George Kell Passes Away

The passing of an 86-year-old former baseball player—even a Hall of Famer—may not elicit much more than a shrug from most, unless that old man played a pivotal role in your early sports life. » 3/24/09 6:00pm 3/24/09 6:00pm

Josh Hancock, One Year Later

It was a year ago today that Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was killed in a drunk driving accident. Since then, sports has learned its lesson, and no longer do alcohol advertisements appear on telecasts of sporting events. » 4/29/08 4:30pm 4/29/08 4:30pm

Oldest Living NFL Player Passes On

This handsome, rambunctious gentleman is Sam Dana, a former college football player for Columbia who died yesterday at the age of 104. He was the oldest living former professional player. » 10/31/07 1:05pm 10/31/07 1:05pm

R.I.P. Bill Wirtz

They say that no one on their deathbed ever says, "I wish I would have worked more" — other than Jack Donaghy, anyway — but one wonders if, ultimately, former Blackhawks owner Bill Wirtz, who died this morning at the age of 77, would have secretly smiled to learn that the first line in his obit involve the phrase,… » 9/26/07 10:40am 9/26/07 10:40am

R.I.P. Eddie Griffin

We send our condolences to the family and friends of former Timberwolves guard Eddie Griffin, who was killed last Friday when his SUV hit a moving train. Word of his death in Houston only came out yesterday. » 8/22/07 10:00am 8/22/07 10:00am

R.I.P. Bill Walsh

As you've surely heard by now, legendary 49ers head coach Bill Walsh has died. He was 75 years old, which is older than we realized; something about the guy always seemed young to us. » 7/30/07 3:45pm 7/30/07 3:45pm

Buck O'Neil, Safe At Home

John Jordan "Buck" O'Neil, a star player in the Negro leagues, and recent proponent of Negro league history, died last night. No cause of death was given (though being 94 years old is probably a good enough), but O'Neil had been in and out of the hospital recently. » 10/07/06 1:07pm 10/07/06 1:07pm

Randy Walker, R.I.P.

Randy Walker, head coach of the Northwestern Wildcats, died last night of a heart attack. The former Miami of Ohio coach — that school has produced an amazing number of coaches, by the way, from Woody Hayes to Bo Schembechler to Ara Parseghian — had just signed a contract extension in April that would have kept him in… » 6/30/06 12:45pm 6/30/06 12:45pm

Remembering Kirby Puckett

As you've surely heard by now, Twins Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett died last night at the age of 45. Puckett was a player who was impossible to dislike; he played baseball the way we all imagine we would, if we had the chance. His post-retirement career was smeared by Frank Deford's famous Sports Illustrated piece, but… » 3/07/06 9:15am 3/07/06 9:15am

R.I.P., Richard Pryor

We know that this isn't necessarily sports-related — though we tossed up a picture of the vastly underrated The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings, and we remind you of the great scene in Brewster's Millions when the Hacksensack team plays the New York Yankees — but we're sure you, like us, were deeply… » 12/12/05 3:15pm 12/12/05 3:15pm