Take Third Eye Blind As Seriously As They Take Themselves

“Hi, we’re Third Eye Blind from San Francisco, California, and we’re high as kites.” Stephan Jenkins beams at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion crowd from the depths of his hoodie; his legs are encompassed by shorts and a glossy cylinder of fabric that could be classified as a skirt. Behind him, the stage lights stir and… »7/16/15 4:51pm7/16/15 4:51pm


Astral Years: A Seeker's Guide To Van Morrison In The '80s 

Van Morrison has recorded the song “Irish Heartbeat” three times in the past 32 years. It appears most recently on his new record, Duets: Re-working the Catalogue, accompanied by Mark Knopfler. The arrangement and instrumentation are renewed, too; the song is structured to feel more ventilated and relaxed, like a… »4/27/15 1:49pm4/27/15 1:49pm

I'm A Craft Addict: On The Pleasures Of Dragon Age: Inquisition

It's true: I could really use some elfroot. It's hard to find. Why is it so hard to find? Wait, is it hard to find? Have I just been looking in all the wrong places? Given its importance to this particular video game—you need elfroot for, like, every healing potion—I'd expect it to be more plentiful, the way ammo is… »3/20/15 2:15pm3/20/15 2:15pm