The Return Of Pacman, Ocho Bencho, And 'At The Movies' With Tony Romo And A Homeless Guy

Wait, Is That Pacman Jones' Entrance Music? »11/20/08 1:00pm11/20/08 1:00pm Adam Pacman Jones is back — a fact which absolutely thrills this particular writer: "The NFL's poster child for foolish behavior is returning to the Cowboys. That's right, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has reinstated Pacman Jones, giving him yet another opportunity to…

Titans Linebacker Keith Bulluck Serves Notice He's Coming for "Oucho Cinco"

Football players are so witty. You see the comedic work Bulluck is doing there? He added a vowel! The Titans linebacker is still stewing over Chad Johnson scoring a touchdown and celebrating with a television camera as a prop last season. So now Bulluck is letting Chad Ocho Cinco (nee Johnson) know that he's coming… »9/09/08 3:00pm9/09/08 3:00pm

Ocho Cinco's Name Change Papers Reveal His Creative Kids' Names

Tired of hearing about Chad Ocho Cinco yet? Me neither. The Smoking Gun has his name change documents »9/06/08 2:15pm9/06/08 2:15pm and while they are mostly unexciting, we've learned a few things about the man. Apparently he claims to have no ulterior reasons for changing his name. I guess "Sticking it to Roger Goodell" wasn't on the multiple…