2012 Deadspin Hall Of Fame Nominee: Oddibe McDowell's Water Bill

Has it really been close to two years since we first said hello, and a full 10 months since we had to say goodbye? We miss our old friend more than we can say. » 1/04/13 4:45pm 1/04/13 4:45pm

An Oral History Of Oddibe McDowell's Water Bill

Last month, Broward County's wastewater services instituted password protection, meaning former MLB outfielder Oddibe McDowell's water bill is no longer a matter of public record. To commemorate the 13-month joyride of transparency, Deadspin has commissioned an oral history. This is the story of Oddibe McDowell's… » 4/06/12 4:15pm 4/06/12 4:15pm

Goodbye, Old Friend: The Last Oddibe McDowell Water Bill We'll Ever See…

The Broward County department of Waste and Wastewater Services is instituting password protection for viewing and paying customers' utility bills. This could be the last Oddibe McDowell water bill we ever see. It's $80.55, including a semi-annual stormwater fee. » 3/23/12 2:05pm 3/23/12 2:05pm

Heading Into 2012, Oddibe McDowell's Water Bill Is Once Again Past Due

Bad news for Oddibe. With the new year approaching, he still hasn't paid his water bill. More as the situation warrants. » 12/23/11 12:10pm 12/23/11 12:10pm

Ravaged By Irene: Oddibe McDowell's Water Bill Is $73.07 This Month…

The former journeyman outfielder only used four thousand gallons of water during the last billing cycle, but Hurricane Irene's deluge in Broward County means that McDowell has an extra $21.00 in water bill fees. Cruel, cruel world. » 9/26/11 10:30am 9/26/11 10:30am