Five Of The Most Obvious Poker Tells Ever Televised

The poker tell is one of the most romanticized ideas in gambling, the notion that there is a code that will tell you everything about your opponent's hand just waiting to be unlocked. In reality, tells are usually more subtle than they are in the movies, but that doesn't mean there aren't some big, honkin' obvious… » 1/13/14 4:01pm 1/13/14 4:01pm

Oddjack Takes Its Final Bow

It is with much sadness that we point you to the very last day of Oddjack, our beloved brother site that's ceasing operations today. Obviously, not enough people were checking out Oddjack, and that, we're afraid, was your loss: We've never been big gamblers but found our friend A.J. Daulerio's site useful, sharp and,… » 12/02/05 1:38pm 12/02/05 1:38pm

Seeing Oddjack Off In Style

As some of you might have heard, our trusty, pathological brother Oddjack announced yesterday that it was taking its ball and going home on December 2. This saddens us — as you've surely noticed, we're big fans of the site — but we know editor A.J. Daulerio will be back haunting the halls of the Interweb in no time,… » 11/23/05 2:15pm 11/23/05 2:15pm

Oddjack's Monday Night Football Roundup

As endlessly repeated around these parts, we don't gamble on sports, if just because we get stressed out enough watching games without having our wallets riding on them. But nights like tonight, when there's only one game on, and it's kind of a lousy one, we understand. Oddjack has your lines and roundups for the… » 11/21/05 2:53pm 11/21/05 2:53pm

Today in Oddjack

Oddjack editor A.J. Daulerio is off for a few days, but the folks filling in are doing just fine ...
• Penn State's gonna win. No, Michigan State! We're so confused.
• Your Wesley Snipes vs. Joe Rogan betting primer.
• Fun in the Beehive State, plus seven other groovy college picks. You're welcome. » 11/18/05 2:00pm 11/18/05 2:00pm

Today in Oddjack

What you're missing over at Oddjack, the site for both the discerning speculator and the degenerate gambler ...
• The kids at Covers get you ready for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Stop fidgeting and pay attention this time.
• Reading the sports obits for fun and profit.
• An answer to the immortal questions: How… » 11/16/05 2:54pm 11/16/05 2:54pm

Today in Oddjack

Oddjack is on our good side today, because they're getting us fired up for college basketball.
• Everything you might possibly need to know about trends and stats for the upcoming college basketball season.
• If you can figure out who is actually playing, you could be on tonight's Eagles-Cowboys game.
• If England… » 11/14/05 2:40pm 11/14/05 2:40pm

Today in Oddjack

What you're missing over at Oddjack, the site for both the discerning speculator and the degenerate gambler ...
• Your only chance to care about Boise State has come around again for the year. Don't miss out.
• We've never used "Here's my money" and "L.A. Clippers to win" in the same sentence before, but we suppose … » 11/10/05 3:10pm 11/10/05 3:10pm

Tyson Most Likely Celeb Who Can't Read

Ever wonder which celebrity is actually illiterate? Sure, we all have. But actually lays the odds and makes Mike Tyson (of course) the favorite at 2/1. It's all documented over at Oddjack, our sister site with the slight gambling problem (think Edward Norton in Rounders).

Among others on the list are Don… » 11/09/05 2:30pm 11/09/05 2:30pm

Manning's Cute Little Cheerleader Problem

As you might have noticed, sometimes we like to make fun of Peyton Manning's (heavily) rumored sexual orientation from time to time. But our degenerate gambler brother at Oddjack has a strange little scoop that implies Peyton likes to hang out with cheerleaders of his own. From former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader… » 11/08/05 3:48pm 11/08/05 3:48pm

Today in Oddjack

A good weekend of football picks, and check back later with Oddjack to see whom your money should be on for tonight's Colts-Patriots wingding.
• Death to Terrell Owens! Death!
• Don't expect Edgerrin James to run for many yards tonight.
• Wait, girls like online poker? That certainly changes one's perspective on the… » 11/07/05 2:15pm 11/07/05 2:15pm

Today in Oddjack

The weekend's football picks won't be up at Oddjack for another hour, but there's plenty to keep yourself busy until then.
• Weird looking New Yorker writer is all kinds of help in NBA betting.
• Ray Allen and Bruce Bowen are totally getting in a fight, you just know it.
• Your daily line on weird things that might… » 11/04/05 2:45pm 11/04/05 2:45pm

Today in Oddjack

What you're missing over at Oddjack, the site for both the discriminating speculator and the degenerate gambler ...
• So, I guess what we're saying is that we shouldn't bet on the Lions no matter what the circumstances.
• What's worse, the movie about his life, or the real thing? The continuing saga of Brandon Lang… » 11/02/05 3:27pm 11/02/05 3:27pm

A-Rod ... After Dark!

Oddjack is all over the big story this morning: Yankees lipstick model Alex Rodriguez has been chided by Yankees officials for playing cards in those infamous New York City underground poker rooms everyone's always talking about. Supposedly A-Rod has been playing poker under the cover of darkness in games that are… » 11/02/05 10:19am 11/02/05 10:19am

Today in Oddjack

As the NBA season begins, we check in with Oddjack to see how that degenerate gambling community is hanging in ...
• Everyone's loving the Spurs to repeat, but hey, how'd the Nets sneak up there? Are they in Brooklyn yet?
• You know you're bored when you're actually betting on how many points Darko will average.
•… » 11/01/05 2:41pm 11/01/05 2:41pm

Today in Oddjack

What you're missing over at Oddjack, the site for both the discerning speculator and the degenerate gambler ...
• A scientific study of the Ravens-Steelers matchup, with footnotes.
Which fast food joint will be the first to land LeBron James? We'd go with Taco Bell.
• NFL fans surround Oddjack headquarters, demand… » 10/31/05 2:30pm 10/31/05 2:30pm

Today in Oddjack

Football Up Your Ass! is taking a week off at Oddjack, but there's still plenty of stuff to get ready for weekend time ...
• Everything you could possibly ever think to wonder about the Breeder's Cup tomorrow.
• You should be very happy if you're a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs.
• Vote for the most terrifying fantasy… » 10/28/05 3:43pm 10/28/05 3:43pm

Vote: First Gay Athlete To Come Out?

All right, we promised you a poll, and here's your poll, our first ever on Deadspin. The question: Who's the most likely athlete to come out of the closet first, based off Oddjack's Cultural Oddsmaker, which laid down the odds on five most likely suspects to be the first "out" athlete. » 10/27/05 5:45pm 10/27/05 5:45pm

Today in Oddjack

Here's the seedy underbelly of sports, uncovered by the big dogs at Oddjack ...
• As long as his linemen aren't carrying him down the field, Byron Leftwich could be fantasy football gold.
• The handicappers dig deep into the psyche of horses and find out that they all have long faces. Awww.
It's not the roof. It's… » 10/26/05 4:34pm 10/26/05 4:34pm