WrestleMania Betting Odds, And How To Gamble On Pro Wrestling

WrestleMania XXVIII will go down Sunday in Miami, and I'd like you to ask yourself some questions. Can the Undertaker extend his Wrestlemania record to 20-0? Will Chris Jericho or CM Punk get the better of what could be an all-time classic? Does the Rock still have what it takes to bring down John Cena? More… »3/30/12 2:10pm3/30/12 2:10pm

Pop Cultural Oddsmaker: What Will Be The First Column On Grantland?

The countdown clock says we're mere minutes away from launch of the most heralded website subsection named for a long-dead hagiographer since Salon's ill-fated Æ We couldn't be more excited, because they've gathered a lot of talented people, many of whom haven't yet had the proper platform for their… »6/08/11 10:10am6/08/11 10:10am

The Quirks Of Gambling On Professional Wrestling

Since the dawn of time, it's been mankind's dream to own the Sports Almanac from Back To The Future Part II. If one could know the result of a sporting event beforehand, one could make untold riches by gambling on it. While the Novikov self-consistency principle — or perhaps Calvinism — means this can't happen, what… »4/05/11 11:30am4/05/11 11:30am