Referee Screams Profanity At James Neal After Whistling Him For Embellishment 

Nashville Predators forward James Neal appeared to go down from little to no contact in the second period against the Bruins tonight, causing a referee to whistle for embellishment and then scream at him. “Fuck you, you’re getting a fucking embellishment” is what it sounds like on this end. To complete Neal’s karmic…

Blown Offside Call Robs UNC Of Chance To Force Overtime Against Clemson [UPDATE]

First things first: North Carolina’s chances of winning this game were very slim. They’d have a minute to go 50 yards, score a touchdown, and get the two-point conversion—and that would just be to tie. But that an officiating blunder stripped them of the opportunity for a stunning comeback is, given that this is the…


Undefeated Michigan State Beaten By Officials As Apparent Blown Call Hands Game To Nebraska

Michigan State’s undefeated season is no more after officials awarded a game-winning touchdown to Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly despite the fact the Cornhuskers receiver appeared to go out of bounds on his own before re-entering the field to catch the pass with just seconds remaining in Lincoln.