Undefeated Michigan State Beaten By Officials As Apparent Blown Call Hands Game To Nebraska

Michigan State’s undefeated season is no more after officials awarded a game-winning touchdown to Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly despite the fact the Cornhuskers receiver appeared to go out of bounds on his own before re-entering the field to catch the pass with just seconds remaining in Lincoln. »11/07/15 10:50pm11/07/15 10:50pm


The Ravens Are (Rightfully) Pissed Off About The Officiating

Every team has calls go against it over the course of the game, but two in particular boned the Ravens last night, both in big spots, and both more or less inexplicable. Baltimore WR Steve Smith is not going to let the officials get away with this: “Two stars. That’s what I’m putting on my Yelp.” »10/27/15 10:30am10/27/15 10:30am

WNBA Refs Award Made Basket For Shot That Clearly Did Not Enter Basket

In case you were wondering, there are people who actually wager on WNBA games. And some of those people were likely paying very close attention to the final minutes of last night’s Chicago Sky vs. Atlanta Dream game, because referees awarded Chicago’s Elena Delle Donne a basket that did not even come close to going in. »6/20/15 12:25pm6/20/15 12:25pm

Lightning Win In Second Overtime On Missed Offside Call

Tampa Bay took a 1-0 lead in their Stanley Cup playoff series against Montreal when the Lightning’s Nikita Kucherov found the net two minutes into the second overtime period at Bell Centre for a 2-1 final score. But Habs fans are rightfully making noise about the fact Tampa Bay was clearly offside when bringing the… »5/02/15 10:24am5/02/15 10:24am

NCAA VP: Actually, Refs Did Have The Best Angle On Controversial Play

Yesterday, NCAA head of basketball officiating John Adams went on the radio and explained why officials failed to overturn an incorrect blown out-of-bounds call late during the NCAA title game: they never saw the crucial replay that showed a Duke player touching the ball last. But today Adams was contradicted by NCAA… »4/08/15 8:01pm4/08/15 8:01pm

Earlier today, the NFL officially announced its nine new officials—with only four open spots.

Earlier today, the NFL officially announced its nine new officials—with only four open spots. The ledger has been balanced, with the league firing those officials who weren’t “performing up to standards.” No names yet, but we’ll figure out who’s gone when the official roster is published later this month.
»4/08/15 5:35pm4/08/15 5:35pm

Referee Sends Off Wrong West Brom Player

Disaster struck for West Bromwich Albion just over a minute into their match against Manchester City. Wilfried Bony seized upon Gareth McAuley's poor back pass, and was subsequently hacked down by Craig Dawson. Referee Neil Swarbrick didn't immediately blow his whistle—presumably playing advantage and seeing if Bony… »3/21/15 11:07am3/21/15 11:07am

Idiot Official Calls Bullshit Technical Foul On Ed Cooley

Providence coach Ed Cooley "earned" a technical foul late in the Friars' Round of 64 nightcap against Dayton in Columbus when his fiery timeout speech featured him tossing a chair to the floor. One official took offense—to equipment abuse, apparently—and charged Cooley with a technical foul, adding another Providence… »3/21/15 1:00am3/21/15 1:00am